Monday, 12 February 2007

Chapter 59: Choosey Lover

[Hae Rin’s POV]

Prague… Sierra was a lucky girl. I still can’t believe Jae Joong oppa would spend so much on her.

“What are you thinking of?” Skye asked me as we walked out of the hospital towards the taxi stand.

“Nothing,” I smiled.

“You looked worried. Is your work stressing you out?” he asked me.

“Am I even allowed to feel stressed out?” I asked him. “My debut is in 2 months. The management expects nothing but perfection from me.”

“And you are perfect,” he smiled.

I liked Skye. He made me feel happy and he’s good at comforting me. During those months I spent in the USA, if it hadn’t been for Skye, I think I’d have lost it. In the beginning, he’d harassed me without end; asking me to talk to him online, calling me on the phone and flooding my phone with text messages. I finally gave in, and he’d proved to be a great companion. I still can’t remember why I’d accepted him, why I allowed him to be my boyfriend. I guess I was just lonely, and he was there to listen to me. But I still can’t help thinking about Jae Joong oppa. I wonder if he missed me at all.

[Skye’s POV]

I watched her expression as we walked. Her brows were furrowed, indicating that she was thinking. I didn’t even want to imagine, but my guess was that she’s thinking about Jae Joong hyung. It made me feel a little exasperated when I thought of it. Why did she even accept me in the first place if she wasn’t ready to give him up?

In the taxi, I put my arm around her, and she moved over to lean against me. There was a sweet floral scent in her hair, and it’s making me a little high. I guess I’m just high on her. I’m sure she’s aware of how cute she is, and I know that she has learnt to use it to her advantage. Was this the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with? At this moment, my answer is ‘yes’.

She slid out of the taxi as I paid the driver.

“I’ll see you later,” she said as she started walking off.

“Wait up,” I said as I sprinted to catch up with her just as she reached the main doors. “Don’t I get a goodbye kiss?”

She looked at me, with an odd expression on her face. We’ve not had our first kiss yet; since we got together when she was in the states, and she had just got back 2 days ago. Before I could say another word, she grabbed me by the collar and dragged me towards the side of the building, and then she pulled me down so that we were face to face.

“You want it, you got it,” she smiled and she kissed me hard on the lips. This girl sure knew how to light my fire. I put my arms around her and pulled her closer as we continued kissing.

[Hae Rin’s POV]

I pulled away moments later, and I wiped my lips with the back of my hand.

“Yaah…” Skye smiled. “I didn’t think you were that wild.”

“There are many things you don’t know about me,” I replied coyly.

I don’t know what had come over me. I’d intended to leave him standing and get to my recording session, but somehow, I ended up kissing him.

“You need to give me a little warning in future. I don’t want to die of heart failure while kissing you,” he grinned.

Skye had the tendency to make really lame jokes, but he was cute. And because he was endearing, it’s hard to frown or roll your eyes at him when he said the lamest things.

“I’m not gonna. Where’s the fun in it if you’re able to anticipate my every move?” I smiled.

“Fine… Then I’m looking forward to your next attack,” he laughed.

“I did not attack you,” I exclaimed. “You asked for it.”

“I didn’t say, ‘Attack my lips!’. I said that I wanted a kiss.”

“Whatever,” I said and started to walk away.

“One more for the road,” he said, and he pulled me up against his body, and he kissed me.

This time, it was he who caught me by surprise. The force and suddenness of the whole act made me feel a heat at the pit of my stomach. I clung to Skye as the rush of adrenaline from the kiss made me feel lightheaded. Was this love? Or was this just lust? I’ve never really done anything like that with any of my boyfriends. They usually treated me like some porcelain doll, coddling and shielding me like as if I would break if they didn’t. I guess it’s because I’ve shown Skye my tough side, so he didn’t feel the need to protect me or to treat me with care. I like that he doesn’t get all macho and that he doesn’t treat me like the little woman. And yet sometimes, when I need it, he shows me tenderness in his actions too.

“I need to go,” I whispered breathlessly as I pulled away.

“Okay,” he said, and he kissed me once more, his lips lingering as he pulled away slowly.

“Bye,” I said, as he reluctantly released me from his embrace.

[Skye’s POV]

I watched her walk away, and I knew that I was standing there and grinning to myself like a dope. She sure knew how to kiss. I touched my lips, thinking of the 2 kisses we’ve just shared. I’d never had a girl kiss me like that before. Somehow, Hae Rin always took my breath away. Ever since I realized that I loved her, I could not stop thinking about her. She was petite, about 164cm tall, slim and she looked a little like Lee Hyori. I’ve heard her sing, and she had a voice that matched Jang Ri In’s or BoA’s. She was the future of SM Entertainment.

Even though she looked so adorable and sweet, I had to fight the urge to just hold her in my arms and shield her from the world. She was an independent girl, sometimes too independent. I’ve seen her when she was weak, and I’ve seen her at her strongest. In conclusion, I let her do what she wanted, and I would always be here for her when she needed me.

My phone started ringing in my pocket. I took it out and slid it open to answer it.

“Yes, Shoei,” I drawled.

“Where are you?” he asked me in an impatient tone. Shoei can be such a nag.

“I’m downstairs. I’ll be up in a minute.”

“Stop fooling around with Hae Rin and get your ass up here,” he said.

“Hae Rin’s not with me,” I said.

“Whatever. Just get up here now,” he said, and he hung up.

I walked into the dance studio a few minutes later to find Shoei deep in discussion with Lex hyung.

“Wazzap!” I said, in my best imitation of a black rapper.

“You’re late,” Lex hyung said.

“Mian,” I smiled. Ever since I’d gotten the cast off my arm, hyung had been working me like crazy; sort of like pay back for all the rehearsals I’d missed.

“Let’s start,” Shoei said as he started to stretch.

“Yah,” I said as I turned to him. “Is nuna going to join us for the KBS awards next week?”

“According to Shi Kyung, yes. So she’s gonna have to jump straight back into rehearsals once she’s discharged from the hospital.”

“I still don’t think she should,” Shoei grumbled. “She’s only going to get sick again.”

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t overdo it,” Lex hyung said. “Are you done warming up?” he said as he glared at me.

“Nae,” I smiled, and he just shook his head at me.

[Hae Rin’s POV]

“Hae Rin,” the producer spoke into my headphones from the control room. “You need to control your pitch better at the bridge.”

“Nae,” I said as I gave him the thumbs up sign.

“Let’s try it again,” he said.

The music flooded my headphones and I took a deep breath before I sang the first line.

People have been walking in and out of my life
Leaving their memories and impressions on my heart
But no one has ever done what you do
You’ve etched your name on my heart,
I’m hooked onto you

As we kiss under the streetlights, you held my hand
We stood about a foot apart, we didn’t dare embrace
Innocent and sweet, that’s how we began
Could it be that you are the one for me

Restless, you make me restless
Breathless, you leave me breathless
Helpless, I’m so helpless without you
Forever, let’s stay as me and you

You told me that you loved the way I wore my hair
You told me that you hated, when other guys stared
You were so adorable on Valentine’s Day
When you bought me those balloons
And that heart shaped cake

Now I can’t imagine living my days without you
The freedom is tempting, but meaningless
Never want to see, the day when you would walk away
I’ll hold onto you, till the end of time

Restless, you make me restless
Breathless, you leave me breathless
Helpless, I’m so helpless without you
Forever, let’s stay as me and…

Restless, you make me restless
Breathless, you leave me breathless
Helpless, I’m so helpless without you
Forever, let’s stay as me and you

I thought about Skye as I sang. In the past, I’d think of Jae Joong oppa when I sang. Somehow, this time, Skye’s face popped into my mind, and it helped me sing the song with the feelings required. Did I really feel that way about Skye? Could he really make me feel helpless without him?

“Good job,” the producer said, and I smiled. This was only the first song of the day. I had another 8 hours of recording ahead of me. There’s never a moment of rest for a kasu.

At about 9pm, we finally wrapped things up for the day. My stomach grumbled as I packed my bag. I’d not had any dinner except that one sandwich I’d stuffed down with a cup of water at about 6pm.

“Bye,” I waved to the producer and sound engineer as I picked up my bag and walked out.

“Hey babe,” Skye said as I walked out the door.

“You’re still here,” I exclaimed.

“Why not?” he said as he put his arm around me.

“I thought you’d have run off home.”

“And let you get home on your own? What kind of a boyfriend would I be?” he smiled.

“Are you trying to fish for a praise? I’m not giving out any now,” I grinned.

“And to think I waited for you,” he grumbled.

“I’m hungry,” I said.

“So am I,” he said. “Let’s go eat.”

After dinner, we got back to my hostel via public transportation.

“I heard you guys were going to get a week off after the awards season,” I remarked.


“Are you going home then?”

“Do you want me to stay in Seoul with you?” he asked me.

“Don't you need to take your test to get your driving license?”

“Right,” he smiled as he scratched his head. “I’d almost forgotten.”

“I guess I’ll see you after your break.”

“I’ll drive back to Seoul and take you out as soon as I get my license,” he said.


We reached the gates of the area that housed the block of hostel I lived in.

“Good night,” I said as I pulled away from him. We’d been walking with one arm around each other from the bus stop, all the way to the gates.

“Good night,” he said, and he leaned down to kiss me softly on the lips.

I smiled as he pulled away, and I reached up to nudge his chin.

“Bye,” I said as I walked in.

Today was the first time I’d spent such long hours with Skye, alone. It had turned out better than I’d imagined. As feelings of contentment started to envelope me, I pushed them aside. I’m still waiting for Jae Joong oppa. Skye was just a temporary relief. He was just to keep me company until I got the guy I really wanted. But now that I actually cared for Skye, just a little, would I have the courage to break it off with him later?

[Skye’s POV]

I smiled to myself as I walked away from the gates. Today had turned out better than I’d expected. I’m beginning to feel confident that this relationship had a chance. In the beginning, I’d been a little afraid that she was not over Jae Joong hyung. But it seemed to me now, that I might have a shot at winning her heart. As I opened the door to my apartment, I was greeted by darkness. Shoei had gone to bed, and nuna was still in the hospital.

I collapsed onto my bed after I’d showered and changed, and I stretched lazily. Today had been a busy day, but it was one of the happiest days I’ve had since becoming a kasu. I smiled to myself again. I’m going to win Hae Rin over, bit by bit, and someday, her heart will be mine to keep.


Anonymous said...

I think that's good Hae Rin is now with Skye..but hope she will fall for him for real soon !
Skye is a nice guy although he seems a little immature..happy to see him in love

Anonymous said...

Lilly said...

waaa... you say that 164cm is petite?! then i must be rly tiny lol.

Anyways I hope thay Hae Rin will forget about jaejoong and just stick with skye. tbh I don't think that Hae Rin and JaeJoong go together well lol. (personality wise)

Sierra said...

Lilly: And Sierra and Jae Joong goes? Hehe!

164cm, compared to Skye's 6 feet build is petite... and she's very slim... so it makes her petite :P

Loubna: Skye just acts immature... but I feel there is more to him than the happy front he always puts up.

Mandy: Good job! Now you can follow the story easily ;) How many days did you take to finish 58 chapters? ;)