Sunday, 31 January 2010


I'm sorry that this announcement has come so late...

I know that number 1 the reason this fiction had been put on hold for so long was because of my personal procrastination. I will be able to put up another chapter or 2, but after that, I will have to put this on hold until the TVXQ vs SM Entertainment lawsuit is settled. Because the timeline of this fiction has now coincide with the current one in reality, I do not feel comfortable continuing until I see a more stable 'environment' for me to continue writing with.

As my loyal readers would know, all this time, MKR was a story which was written in a style that blended reality with fantasy, and in order to keep that balance, I would have to wait until enough is known about the future before I can write the upcoming chapters. I have no desire to write a purely fictional MKR.

So... once again, I do apologise. I hope everything will fall into place soon, and I will do my best to keep up with news and do enough research to continue writing quality chapters in the future. Please drop me an email at if you wish to be part of my mailing list. I will be sure that those in my mailing list are the first to know when I next update.

Thanks a lot... and I love y'all!!!