Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I really couldn't believe my eyes, but I was on the vote list for Soompi Fan Fic Of The Year. Category: Most Original One-Shot.


I didn't think that 200 Balloons, 200 Days was worthy of the honor, and even though I didn't get many votes... (or any votes) I'm still a little ecstatic to have gotten on the list ^_^

If only I can finish the next chapter now... T_T


lizzy said...

i don't know if you're ever going to finish this fac but if you did..

this would TOTALLY win.


::stands up::

Hi, my name is Lizzy and I'm addicted to Sierra's fanfics.

::sits down::


시에라 (Sierra) said...

Hahah! Hellow Lizzy... sorry for not having replied your comments... life has been a super .......... on me lately.

I'll try to finish another chapter soon... cross my heart :P

Hope life isn't too hard on you at the mo... ^_^

:: stephie :: said...

congrats on the soompi vote list.. well.. all ur fanfics are super addictive~~ i am looking forward to the hankyung one as well. hehe.
hwaiting! ^_^

:: stephie :: said...

and i didn't realised u finished it. lol.
wished it was longer. i really liked that fic T^T
anyways, can't wait for chp 131 here~~

nonex said...

u defintely got at least 1 vote..