Monday, 5 May 2008

Your Call...

I've been having a bit of a dilemma, deciding Sierra's fate; pregnant or not... So I've decided that since I've not been involving my readers for a long time, it's time you guys said something about what happens to your beloved leading lady. Here are a few of my concerns that you may want to take note before you vote:

1. If she's pregnant, chances are she'll be stuck with Jae Joong. No more possibilities with Yun Ho, Shoei, or whatever yummy male who comes along T_T

2. No chance for large scale scandals or love triangles anymore. If Sierra is to be a mother and wife, she's gonna be a good mother and wife... and that just kills the continuity of the story.

3. It may impact her career and she may need to quit. End of dream.

It sounds like I'm forcing everyone to pick "not pregnant", but of course, if you do want her to be pregnant for awhile just to see what I can do with it... I will make sure I give you some entertainment out of it while it lasts. Hehe! Anyways... so here are the choices:

1. Pregnant
2. Not pregnant

Please vote in the comments section of this post by indicating your choice and reason when you vote. Voting ends on Wednesday, 14 May, GMT +08:00.


Danita said...

not pregnant.

continue the story!
I kind of want some extra yunho time. your fic seems to let me appreciate him more.

Anonymous said...

not pregnant!!!
me want more action!
command sierra not to be pregnant

jishin said...

Hello! :)

I guess I'll go with the conventional choice, that is, not pregnant!

You got me on tenterhooks in the face of Sierra's potential pregnancy, and I got to thinking of what would that bring to her fate and everyone else's. I guess there're so many more possibilities that could happen at this point - be it her reconciling with Yun Ho, or even Darren whisking her heart away (who knows?) - and her pregnancy would really kill their development. Not that being with JaeJoong forever is a bad idea at all, just that I think life has more in store for her (and everyone else) and it'll be a pity not to delve into it!

Anyhow, I respect your eventual decision! I think that it's premature for the pregnancy to take place now, maybe when chapter 300 comes along, you can contemplate the idea again :D

Kudos to you and JIA YOU!

P.S. I hope the plagiarisation issue would be resolved in a good way :) It seemed that this plagiariser isn't as aggressive as the last one, and she hasn't lifted your whole 135 chaps onto Winglin, so up till now it's still in control. I believe Winglin will do you justice soon ne? :D

Anonymous said...

amms not pregnant..but i still want her to be with jae joong..but more drama should happen between them eheh! i don't think she would fit with anyone other than jj haha! *biased* but uknow u make jj such a hotty..ehehe

lizzy said...

not pregnant.

However, I do not support her and Darren. [waves my fist at him..] haha.

I do support some Yunho time.

But at the same time, Jaejoong is such a sweetheart. But.. like I said, what Sierra had with Yunho.. it was so passionate that I hate to see it go to waste.

But I think in later chapters, I would like to see her pregnant and having a family.. still continuing her career and still have drama! lol.

Nonetheless, whatever your decision, I know I will enjoy every word of it.

nonex said...

pregnant.. but doesn't mean the 3 concerns you mentioned will happen.. :P

minyi said...

Well,actually,I'll loose interest in fics if one of the character's,I'll choose "Not pregnant"..thx!

::stephie:: said...

she can't be~~!! too early.. and feels like everything will be over!! i mean all the drama and all. hehe.
i hope this vote still make it on time..
sorry haven't been here for so long!!
just caught up with this.
darren is sooooooooo bad!!!!
and omg!! kim jae wook.. yummylicious. lol!
will re-start to stalk this blog again~~ ^_^

abby said...

i kind of like the idea of sierra getting pregnant. but then again, i think it would be better if it becomes a false pregnancy and instead, turn out to be some kind of illness (although not the terminal illness or something, since that's too used already). i don't know, i still think that it should be your call. I'll read anything that you come up with. i know you'll do a good job with whichever turn of events you'd choose.

keep it up!

시에라 (Sierra) said...

Thank you! This poll is officially over. I will post the next chapter this coming Wednesday. In the meantime, please enjoy my new fic... a high school romance entitled 대상고 (Dae Sang High)-->>