Saturday, 16 August 2008

Wishing for Everything

and Blogging for Gold...

It's not exactly gold I was wishing for... I had a dream... 나는 꿈은 있어... and it's known as the Anycall Haptic. All TVXQ fans would know what a Haptic is. Oh... 너무 하고 싶어... Unfortunately, I do not live South Korea, so I had to scourge the entire local mobile phone market for something that was close enough, or better than the Haptic.

It kinda looks like the Samsung F480, but it's much more fun.

Lo and behold... it does exist... No... it's not the Haptic... 아니야... 아니야... 근대... 니가 암실망... I wasn't disappointed. I found the closest relative, and probably a superior to the Haptic. The Samsung Omnia!!!

Don't you just wanna kneel down and pick it up, and kiss it? ^_^

I used to have this fear of touchscreen gadgets, but I happened to touch this baby about a week ago, and I can assure you that you don't need to be all gentle with it. It will be able to withstand some of your more... aggressive caresses. Tee hee! The screen was such a fun and interesting interface compared to all the other phones I have ever encountered. I've already forsaken my favorite brand, which I shall not mention since it would be unfair to them, and have been fixated on the Omnia ever since I met it. It's a little pricey at the moment because of all the hype for it, so I'm biding my time, saving up, and waiting to see if it will go on offer ^_^

What's 'Omnia' anyway? The site said that it meant ‘everything’ in Latin and ‘wish’ in Arabic... indeed... 맞다... So what do I have to do to get it? Fawn, drool, kick and scream? No... I need to blog about what it means to own 'omnia' (everything).

I'm not about to get all technical and blog about all the specs of the phone or where to get it. These are not the highlights of my post, but in any case, I will try to slip them in whenever possible. What I would really like to talk about is how owning a piece of material possesion such as this would be able to make a difference in one's life...

I have just gone through 2 months of being jobless, loaning money from my parents, free meals from my aunt, not being able to shop on a whim and battling depression at the same time. I've just gotten a job now, gotten my own place, I'm back on track, and I so want the Omnia now to complete the picture for me. And I would be able to take that perfect picture with it's 5MP camera \(",)/ I want my perfect life back; the one where I had almost everything, and felt on top of the world. If anything was close to perfect, and could perfect my life now, it would be to own a piece of art like the Omnia.

I am sure some people find it ridiculous. It's just a phone... duh... to some people, a phone is the single most important object which provides them with a social life, without it, they won't be able to have a phonebook filled with the 500 numbers of people out of only which they call 20? The trend chasers, who change their phones as often as one shopped for a bag of rice. Those who value family and relationships, it is a means of staying connected with loved ones.

Some people treat the their mobile phones like any piece of gadget they own... it's just to serve its basic purpose... making a call. Many people want phones that entertain them wherever, whenever. And then, you have the category of those who view the phone as a piece of asset which defines their success and screams "I have arrived!" I believe I belong to this category... and those who belong in this category would treasure such a piece of technology more than anyone else.

Back to the Olympics theme... well... one thing's for sure... when you hold this in your hands, you will definitely feel like you're holding a bar of gold. No... not because of it's weight, since it's ridiculously light for a phone of it's caliber, but because it is the pure crème de la crème of technology. It has everything you would ask for in a phone; WiFi, 3G, 5MP camera, a touchscreen that touches you back ^_^ huge user memory, etc. and I think the winning point would be STYLE. Yes, girls... it is a fashion statement too!

I think that if I had the Omnia in my hand while I strut down any street... I would feel like I had the world at my feet, and everything in my hands. Then... like everything should be... with another wish fulfilled... my life would be close to complete.

Blog for an Omnia.

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