Sunday, 28 December 2008

~ Skye & Shoei ~

For the past 2 years, I have been receiving this single question over and over again... "What do Skye and Shoei look like?"

I've always had an image of them in my mind, but I had not found anyone in their likeness that I could provide my readers with photos. I had even contemplated conducting some sort of an activity to ask my readers to submit photos of people they thought looked exactly like how I'd described them all this while.

Well... I finally got a little tired of having to always imagine when I wrote about them. I hadn't wanted to use photos of existing celebrities to describe them because I didn't want to 'steal' someone else's face. But it so happens that in the past week, I have finally found the likeness of Skye and Shoei on the faces of 2 celebrities. Coincidentally, both of them have the same surname, Park. I hope they meet your expectations.

Skye is Park Jin Woo... Park Jin Woo (born 3 Jul 1983) is an actor . His latest movie is titled Frivolous Wife, in which he starred with Park Jung-ah from Jewelry. Honestly, I don't know too much about him, but from the photos I've seen of him on the net... I find him to remind me of Skye a lot.

The reason I think Skye looks like Park Jin Woo is because they have the same innocent babyface and that playful boyish smile.

Shoei is Park Hyo Shin... Park Hyo Shin (born 1 Dec 1981) is an awesome singer whom I have only recently discovered. If you read my personal blog, you might have seen me raving about his flawless singing. He recently embarassed Tae Yang of Big Bang with his rendition of Look At Me ^_^

The reason I think Shoei looks like Park Hyo Shin is because Park Hyo Shin has a bit of that Japanese vibe going on, and he is also quite a shy guy in real life, but because of his talent and being soft-spoken... it makes him really, really attractive.

Do we look good as a team? ^_^


Danita said...

110% exactly how I imagined them ^^
I can't imagine them any other way =D

wanyuan said...

rawrrr.. they look just like skye and shoei...
i totally agree with danita~~~
park jin woo is so cute and innocent... which suitx da personalitiex of skye..
park hyo shin lookx cool and cold~~~ that's so shoei... hohox..
good job, sierra unni~~

helencho said...

lol haha i agree tooo
lol now we know what S-Cube looks like XDXD yeeesss you look like a team!!!

now i'm tryna imagine shoei spit out the soup with too much pepper on that we got married episode LOLXD

abby said...

love your choices for skye and shoei! skye is uber cute! haha!

you look like a great team!!!

thanks for providing this!