Thursday, 1 January 2009

Bonus: Darren

I know he's a villain, and he doesn't warrant much attention :P But since I'm on a roll, and I've received requests for his face as well... here he is... (my sister is gonna kill me)

Darren is Lee Dong Wook. Lee Dong Wook is an actor (born 6 Nov 1981). He rose to fame after his role in the crazy drama (in my opinion), My Girl. He's starred in movies such as Arang, The Perfect Couple, and recently in Heartbreak Library with Eugene from S.E.S. You can also catch him in Monday Kiz's story MV for the song Bye Bye Bye (that's where I first saw him).

Me and a friend went through lots of pictures. We were looking for a good looking guy who looked a tad arrogant. Coincidentally, Dong Wook is also a model, so we had no problem finding photos of him giving attitude ^_^ But being a kind author, I've decided to put hot and cute photos of Darren.

Whether or not Darren will develop into a permanent fixture is still undecided, but for now... at least we know he's a hot guy, and a bad boy ^_^


Abby said...

Lee Dong Wook is the face for Darren?? Oh my. Darren is uber hot, then! Haha! I loved LDW especially in My Girl and Arang. Gosh, now I'll be spazzing over Darren, too! Despite my obvious hate for the things that he do.

Can't wait for the update, Sierra!

Happy New Year! =)

시에라 (Sierra) said...

After making this decision... I kinda feel Lee Dong Wook is too good to be Darren. Hehe! But it's been made... if I do find a hunk worth hating, I won't hesitate to change Darren's face :P

Happy New Year, Abby!!!