Saturday, 20 November 2010


I’m aware that it may feel a little like cheating, but this will be the only way I can start writing MKR again. What’s gonna happen is that we’re gonna reset the story. TVXQ has already disbanded, and JYJ has been formed. Most of the fictional bands formed in the past MKR will probably not exist in this version of MKR and I will start incorporating all the current girl and boy bands and also celebs of the current times.

You may see that the timeline is pretty warped from where I left off, but let’s ignore that and just pretend it’s an extension and also an alternate version of the original MKR. As for where Sierra and Jae Joong’s relationship are at, you’ll have to read to find out ^_^

My schedule should only allow me update on weekends. At best, every weekend. Worse case should be every other weekend. Mianhae... T_T I've contemplated if I needed a new URL for the new MKR and decided to keep the old one since my readers would remember this link better.

Chapter 1 coming soon... really soon... watch this space!

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