Sunday, 20 January 2013

Trying to make that new beginning...

I've been pondering how I was gonna start writing again, and here I am, still a little clueless, but I guess what I can do, at the very least, is share life experiences that may be able to help people in their lives? LOL! If all else fails, I guarantee you at least a good read for the next 5-15 mins; depending on your reading speed.

So... I am no journalist. I have never majored in Journalism, English Lit, English, etc. Though at some point of my life I did regret that I never pursued any of the 3. I could've been awesome, could I? So pardon me if I use way to many ellipses, tildes and emoticons. I'm an untrained writer simply writing from my emotional states. You may find that I ramble and repeat myself way too much, but to be honest, I have gone from writing to please the masses to writing to please myself. I just love regurgitating all the thoughts in my brain onto this box on my Wordpress screen as it makes me feel like I've lost 500g of weight, or maybe burnt some calories whilst furiously exercising my brain and fingers. But of  course, I will spare you a thought and try to make my posts as easy to follow as possible.

This is quickly becoming a post about me and writing. But I guess it's a good start. Just so you know, I don't plan out what I wanna write. I had entertained the idea of blogging about my shitty morning the other day, where my soon-to-be-ex-boss called me and yelled "Don't fucking waste my time" at me over the phone. How professional of him! I should report him to the MAS, right? But I'm way too nice, and people tell me I'm way too soft on people all the time. But that's just me... so you may back me into a corner all you want, and if I don't bite back, someone will eventually bite you for me.

I've been asking myself, "What kind of a writer am I?", and I still really don't have a clue. I do like to go on and on about emotional stuff. LOL! But I do think I'm capable of writing something angry or witty too. Oh well... I guess since this is a reintroduction to myself, let's just keep it short and sweet. For those who enjoyed my writing in any form, be it just bitching about life or writing corny fan-fiction, I welcome you with open arms. Let's look forward to some real writing from me real soon :D

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