Sunday, 8 April 2007

ALERT: S-Cube's Exclusive Interview!

S-Cube will be having an exclusive interview with Mnet next week. If any of you have a burning question to ask Sierra, Skye or Shoei, submit it here, in the comments section, and it might just be answered!

The exclusive interview is in conjunction with the upcoming release of their 3rd album, Connect the Dots.

Dateline for submission of your questions is:

Wednesday, 11 April 2007, 8am (GMT +08:00).


Loubna said...

Here are some questions for our S-Cube group star! But maybe there are too much.. I'll let you judge of it ^^

"Sierra, what do you think differenciate this new album from the previous ones?"

"Were some of the songs written by you personally?"

"(If yes,) on which experience of your life did you base your lyrics on?"

"Shoei, Skye, we know that Sierra is in couple with the hot Jaejoong from DBSK. Did some of you guys wish you can have your nuna?" ^^

"Do you think of having a girlfriend some day soon?"

"Let's go back to the album, what is your favorite song? "

"Which one was the most difficult to interprate and why?"

"Sierra, you have worked in a close collaboration with Haerin, do you think the song is in connection with the rest of your songs, complementary or totally different?"

Grace said...

Have been 'stalking' you here for a while now... enjoying your story!

Some questions for S-cube...

For Sierra:
So, since it is common knowledge that you are dating Jaejoong of TVXQ... what do the two most bankable singers in the Korean industry do when they go on dates? Do they have ordinary dates just like the ordinary people?

What was the hardest thing to adapt to, moving to Korea?

How does being the only girl in the band make you feel? Are there any 'special duties' you feel you have had to take on because of this?

For all:
We understand that being in one band necessarily means living together in one apartment - care to spill the beans on some quirky/bad habits that your bandmates have?

Besides TVXQ for obvious reasons, which other celebrities do you guys most often hang out with? How close are you?

GOT MANDY? ^^ said...

how is your relationship with youngwoong jaejoong?

have you guys ever thought about marriage?

what is S-Cube new concepts?

when are you guys going to have your very first concert?

Shoei sshi, what kind of girl do you want to date?
haha im sure alot of fans are curious to know about this ^^

skye sshi, do you have any crush at the momment?