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Chapter 78: Drive II

>Sierra’s Cut<

Interviewer: It’s been 3 years now, Sierra. How much do you think S-Cube has grown in this time?

Sierra: Well, our musical tastes have been diversified; we’re trying lots of new sounds and incorporating them into our songs. We’re basically trying to create our own brand of R&B.

Interviewer: What about your relationship with your band mates? Has anything changed in these past years?

Sierra: We’re now closer than before. We’re brothers and sister, and there is nothing we don’t share. We feel that as long as we are close and feel like a family unit, there’s nothing anyone can do to break us up. S-Cube will remain S-Cube for as long as Sierra, Skye and Shoei are one.

Interviewer: Your relationship with Yong-ung Jae Joong of TVXQ. What do you think it has done for you, personally and career-wise.

Sierra: Haha… okay… (pauses for a second). I didn’t see this question coming. (looks at producer, producer nods) I think… somehow my relationship with Jae Joong has opened doors for me, and yet, it has made my journey a little bumpier.

Interviewer: How so?

Sierra: Being his girlfriend, I became apart of the elite class of kasu; the young and popular. This was a category I was so afraid that I’d missed when I first came to Korea. I thought that everyone would just view me as this 20 something foreigner, and I wouldn’t fit in or be accepted by the general public because most of the debuting artistes are 17, 18 years old. Again, to some extent, I know that some people never liked the idea of us dating, thinking that I’m not good enough for Jae Joong, and because of that, I’ve had people lashing out at me, at my career.

Interviewer: Has this put a strain on your relationship then?

Sierra: I’ve never thought of it like this. I’ve learnt to ignore those who react negatively towards us, because this is a personal choice. This is our personal life, and if I really wasn’t good enough for him, why would we be dating in the first place? (laughs nervously)

Interviewer: Good point. So where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

Sierra: Still here, in Korea, with S-Cube, making good music.

Interviewer: No marriage in the works? No solo career?

Sierra: I don't think it’s the time for either of those. S-Cube is slowly rising, and in 3 years, we’ll be at our peak. I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the fun. (smiles)

Interviwer: Kamsahamnida, Sierra. We hope you have a long and flourishing career ahead with S-Cube.

Sierra: Kamsahamnida. (bows slightly in seat)

>Skye’s Cut<

Skye: Annyeong haseyo, S-Cube Skye-imnida!!!

Interviewer: (laughs) You seem to be in a good mood.

Skye: The album will be out soon, less time in the studios, of course I’m in a good mood.

Interviewer: You sound like you hate being cooped up in doors, so I take it that you love traveling. Have you been anywhere lately?

Skye: Nowhere. Do we look like we have the time? (laughs)

Interviewer: If you have the time, where would you like to go?

Skye: Somewhere far away from Korea.

Interviewer: With Sierra and Shoei?

Skye: (pauses for a moment) Yea…

Interviewer: How nice… so… is Sierra the only one allowed to date in S-Cube?

Skye: Who told you that? (laughs)

Interviewer: So far we’ve not heard any public announcement about you and Shoei having girlfriends.

Skye: Well… I guess so.

Interviewer: Are you hinting that you might have a girlfriend already? Cos that would be big news for everyone.

Skye: No… no… Anieyo… I’m single.

Interviewer: What would you say to hopefuls out there; girls who are waiting for a chance to be serenaded by you?

Skye: (looks at camera with solemn expression and pumps fist) Hwaiting! (laughs hysterically)

Interviewer: We asked Sierra this question earlier. How has the relationship between the 3 of you changed in the past 3 years?

Skye: Well… nuna is now immune to my teasing, so sometimes I need to try extra hard to annoy her. (smiles) Keuraeji nuna? (laughs) I think we understand each other better these days, which means we are more prone to arguing, when we disagree.

Interviewer: Why is that?

Skye: When you know the other person well, you tend to think that somehow you would find the right thing to say to make him or her back down. (laughs) But after we argue, we’d still eat together, work together, and share our problems and happiness with each other. Arguing is just another form of communication.

Interviewer: Aah… I see. So Skye, where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Skye: 3 years… that’s really far away. I guess we’ll still be S-Cube. We’ll have put out our 6th album then, and we’re gonna be sonbae in the industry. (pretends to sob) We’re gonna be old…

Interviewer: I think everyone would agree that you, of all people, will never age.

Skye: Cheongmal? Komawoyo! (grins)

Interviewer: So what about starting a family? What kind of girl would you like to marry?

Skye: Hmm… you know that new girl, Hae Rin?

Interviewer: Yea…

Skye: Someone like her. (smiles)

Interviewer: Really? She looks really sweet, good choice. Why don’t you just date her?

Skye: Haha… if she wants me… (winks)

Interviewer: I’m sure she would. No one would be able to resist you.

Skye: Let’s hope. (smiles)

Interviewer: It has been a pleasure. We’re looking forward to the release of S-Cube’s much anticipated 3rd album. Kamsahamnida!

Skye: Ye… Kamsahamnida.

>Shoei’s Cut<

Interviewer: Shoei, can you greet the audience in Japanese?

Shoei: Konnichiwa! (bows and laughs nervously)

Interviewer: So, Shoei… It’s been 3 years now since S-Cube debuted, how do you feel?

Shoei: I’m very excited.

Interviewer: Excited? That’s all?

Shoei: I’m happy that we have made it this far, and I am proud to be a member of this band.

Interviewer: Do you think S-Cube has evolved in these 3 years?

Shoei: Definitely. I think that we have a more refined sound now. Yes, we don’t write all of our songs, so I’m referring to the few songs we had written, and to our vocal styles.

Interviewer: I’ve heard that your favourite genre is actually Rock. How do you cope with a career in a genre you’re not really into?

Shoei: I wouldn’t say I am not into this genre. Rock is my favourite, but I love music in general.

Interviewer: I see. So would you venture into other genres with S-Cube?

Shoei: Nuna and I are actually working on some fusion pieces. Like me, nuna is also into all different types of music genres, so we’re looking to incorporate different styles into our songs, in the future. Perhaps in the next album.

Interviewer: We’ll certainly look forward to that. (pauses) So, Shoei… why is it we never see you involved with any girls?

Shoei: (laughs softly) Me? Well… I don’t have the time.

Interviewer: Come on… I’m sure you do. Is it because no girl has ever met your expectation?

Shoei: Well… that could be true. The only girl I’ve known for the past 3 years is nuna, and because of her, because I live with her and see her day in, day out… I guess I’ve made her the measurement of any girl I might get involved with.

Interviewer: Are you in love with your nuna? (gasps)

Shoei: No… (laughs) I don’t love her like that. I love her like a sister, and she is a role model to me, and in my mind, she is how a girl should be.

Interviewer: You sure put her high up on that pedestal. (giggles)

Shoei: She deserves to be up there. (smiles)

Interviewer: What’s your most memorable experience, being part of this band?

Shoei: When we won those awards during MKMF, especially for Best Lyrics. Skye and I are still shocked that we’d won that. It was such an honor.

Interviewer: I’m sure everyone feels that it’s an honor you deserve.

Shoei: Kamsahamnida.

Interviewer: It’s been great talking to you, Shoei. We hope to see more great things from you and S-Cube. Kamsahamnida!

Shoei: Kamsahamnida!

>S-Cube Documentary<

(Camera focuses on door. Hand reaches out to ring bell. Skye, dressed in track suit, opens door.)

Skye: Waseo! Omo… we’re not decent yet… (covers chest with hands and laughs)

Shoei: Annyeong… (walks to kitchen with dishes)

Skye: Nuna’s still dressing up, so no tour of the rooms this time. (chuckles)

Shoei: We’re leaving soon! (shouts towards room)

(Sierra walks out of room, looking harried. Suddenly noticed camera.)

Sierra: Annyeong… sorry I’m late. Let’s go.

Skye: We’re shooting the promo video for the new album today.

(all walk into the elevator)

Shoei: You’re squashing me… (Shoei pushes Skye off)

Skye: Am not…

Sierra: Pipe down… you’re on camera, remember?

Skye: Whoops!!! (grins)

(In the van)

Shoei: Usually we’d drive ourselves there… but because of this documentary today, they’ve arranged a van for us.

Skye: You mean, I drive us there.

Sierra: Skye won’t ever let us forget that he’s the only one with a license.

Skye: Aren’t you grateful for me?

Sierra: Yes we are! (nudges Skye’s head with her finger)

(Arrive on set, S-Cube alights from van)

Sierra: Omigod… my legs… (stretches)

Shoei: The jam was horrible. Luckily we managed to arrive on time, or the producer would be upset. (laughs)

S-Cube: Annyeong haseyo! (bows as they walk into hair and makeup area)

(Camera on Sierra. She’s dressed in a longish psychedelic motif tank top and dark colored jeans)

Sierra: Don’t film me now... (laughs) My makeup is half on... I probably look like a freak.

(Camera man asks a question - inaudible)

Sierra: Nae? Oh… the theme today? It’s really just a short message to our fans, and part of today’s shoot will be included as the surprise in the first 1000 copies of the 3rd album. (covers mouth) Omo! I wasn’t supposed to say that was I? (giggles) But this isn’t the only bit of the surprise. Be sure to be the first 1000, and you will get lotsa goodies!

(Camera on Shoei. He’s shirtless, wearing only a pair of jeans, standing by the rack while stylist picks a shirt)

Shoei: Omo! (covers body, and laughs)

Stylist: You don’t need to be so modest, Shoei. (giggles)

Shoei: I’m a good boy, nuna. I don’t go around flashing skin.

Stylist: (sarcastic) Nae….

Shoei: (whispers to camera) She’s evil…

Stylist: I heard that.

Shoei: We’re gonna go crazy on camera today… let’s go bug Skye. It’s my turn to be the annoying one in S-Cube (laughs and sprints off towards Skye, camera follows)

(Camera on Skye)

Skye: Shoei… why are you running around topless?

Shoei: I’ve been requested to do this.

Skye: Liar… don’t scare the children who are watching.

Shoei: I’m too loveable to be scary… (cups his face in his hands and tilts head to side)

Skye: What’s wrong with you today? This image doesn’t suit you. Cut it out…

Shoei: Why can’t I be the cute one for the day?

Skye: Cos that’s my job… you’re the cool one…

Shoei: Shiro…

Skye: Shiro…

Sierra: (from far away) Yaa! Shikkeureoptta!!!

(Skye and Shoei pouts)

(Footage of filming process.)

[Halfway through filming]

Shoei: (panting and sweating) We’re stopping for awhile now. Phew… Why? Break, brunch and we need to film the next round.

Skye: I thought we weren’t dancing for this album.

Sierra: You knew we were dancing… quit whining. (laughs, then turns to face camera) We’re almost done… Just another short segment and it’s a wrap.

Skye: I’m hungry!

Shoei: Then go eat!

Sierra: (shakes head) You see what I have to put up with.

[After lunch and another round of hair and makeup]

Shoei: We’re on our way to the final set, where we will record a short speech and introduce our album.

Skye: Wait up! (yells and runs over, crashing into Sierra and Shoei)

Sierra: Aisshiii… you monkey…

Skye: How many more hours to go?

Sierra: Many more…

Skye: Can you be more specific?

Sierra: I don’t know. Ask the producer.

Skye: Miweo…

[On the set]

Sierra: Look… (holds up CD cover) This is our new album.

Skye: Guess who’s on the cover… Haha!

Sierra: We’ve never put our faces on the cover before, just inside the lyrics booklet. This will be a first.

Shoei: But it’s not exactly your face either… I hardly recognize it.

Sierra: Fine… it’s not me.

Skye: It’s our pet monkey… (laughs hysterically)

(Sierra glares at Skye)

(More behind the scenes footage)

Producer: Okay… it’s a wrap.

Everyone: (whooping sounds)

S-Cube: (bowing) Komapseumnida…

(S-Cube walks out of building and stops to face camera)

Shoei: Well, we’re going home now.

Skye: Dinner first!!!

Shoei: Yes… can’t forget that, can we? Anyway… thank you for watching. We hope this short documentary has given you a little insight on what it takes for us to get our job done. (smiles)

Sierra: And how much fun we have doing it!

Skye: And now… the premier of our promo video, and the MV for our new title track, 'Connect the Dots'…

S-Cube: In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

(Music starts and screen alternately flashes faces of Sierra, Skye and Shoei. Screen cuts to S-Cube dancing, footage of old performances and MVs, then cuts to S-Cube standing in front of the camera.)

S-Cube: Uri S-Cube-imnida!

Sierra: This is our third year, our third album…

Skye: And as always…

Shoei: We’re back with a brand new sound!

(More footages of CF, MVs and behind the scene footages.)

Shoei: It’s been a crazy year for us, and we’ve finally finished our third album.

Skye: So what are we doing this year for this album launch?

Sierra: We’re having a celebration for our album launch!

Skye: Really?

Shoei: Yep.

Skye: I can’t wait!

Sierra: So be there, to spend a night of music and fun with us.

Shoei: Cos this is one party you don’t want to miss.

S-Cube: The launch party of S-Cube’s 3rd album, ‘Connect the Dots’!

(Party details show up on screen as music continues to play)


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