Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Chapter 120: Oh Yeah

“Waseo!” Jun Su greeted as Yun Ho and I walked in through the door.

“Ye…” I smiled as I dumped my bag on the floor and collapsed onto the couch.

“How did it go today?” Yoo Chun asked us.

“It was crazy,” I said I threw my arms back and stretched.

“Wae?” Jun Su asked.

“They asked some dumb questions,” Yun Ho said. “I’m going to shower.”

As Yun Ho walked towards his room, Jun Su and Yoo Chun’s eyes followed him curiously.

“What’s up with him?” Jun Su asked me.

“You’ll know by tomorrow,” I yawned.

“Huh?” Yoo Chun said.

“The papers will tell you…” I said. “Oooh! Guess who we met!”

“Met? You guys met someone?” Yoo Chun said. “Hmmm… nugu?”

“Guess…” I said.

“I dunno... someone important? Is it someone you like? A guy?” Jun Su asked.


“Who does she like? I think she idolizes almost all the guys in the industry,” Yoo Chun teased.

“I do not!” I said, indignantly.

“Yes you do…” Yoo Chun insisted. “But after you get to know them, the your adoration for them wanes,” he laughed.

“Kojinmal!” I said, and nudged his leg with my feet.

“So it’s someone you haven’t met… so it’s not Brian hyung, or Min Woo hyung or Jun Jin hyung…” and Jun Su continued to name dozens of male kasu that I happened to like, but have already met.

“Ya! What kind of a person do you think I am?” I poked Jun Su on the head.

“You won’t tell… so I had to guess in this way,” he laughed.

“Fine… we met Woo Hyuk oppa,” I said.

“Woo Hyuk? No wonder you were star struck,” Yoo Chun said. “He’s smooth.”

“Not as smooth as you,” I laughed. “You’re much greasier, compared to him.”

“Oi… I’m not greasy!” Yoo Chun protested.

“Yes you are!” I countered.


“You are, you are, you are…”

“Ya… wae neomu shikkeureoweo…” Jae Joong’s voice came from the corridor.

“Chagiya… Yoo Chun was bullying me,” I pretended to sound victimized.

“Sure… sure… play that card, will ya,” Yoo Chun pretended to grumble.

“How can you treat my Sierra like that?” Jae Joong said and he sat down next to me and enveloped me in a bear hug.

“I’m suffocating,” I giggled as I tried to get out of his embrace.

“Kamanhi isso!” he said as he tightened his arms around me.

“Jun Su… let’s go,” Yoo Chun said as he got up. “I don’t need to see all this. Reminds me of how lonely I am?”

“Lonely?” I laughed. “I find that hard to believe.”

“Twaeso… I didn’t asked for you to believe me…” he said and he walked off. “Are you coming, Jun Su?”

“I’m fine… I wanna stay here and finish watching the free show,” he laughed as he made himself comfortable in the armchair beside the couch.

“Kijahoeui ottaeyo?” Jae Joong asked me as he loosened his grip so that his arm casually rested on my shoulders.

“The press conference? Not too bad,” I said. “There were the usual probing questions, and the technical questions. That’s about it.”

“What probing questions?” he asked.

“Hmm… like… does Jae Joong mind that you’re doing this project with Yun Ho, have you gotten back together with Yun Ho…” I listed.

“Hmm…” was all Jae Joong said.

“It really surprises me that they never tire of such questions,” Jun Su said. “How they can keep harping on the same questions every single opportunity they get to ask it is beyond me.”

“It’s just part of their jobs,” Jae Joong said. “It’s what sells… the scandals.”

“Good thing you’re a reasonable man,” I smiled. “Or you’d be all fired up now… and probably questioning why people make such speculations.”

“That’s because I know the both of you well enough. If it were others, I might not be so trusting,” he said.

“Arayo…” I said. “Komawoyo…” I added, and I kissed him on the cheek.

“It was me who turned down the project anyway. Yun Ho covered for me, I should be thankful.”

“Let’s not talk about this,” Jun Su said. “Since Yoo Chun’s not around, let’s discuss what we’re gonna do this Thursday.”

“Oh yes… his birthday,” I said. “What should we do?”

“Mollayo…” Jun Su said. “But I definitely want to play a prank on him.”

“Shouldn’t we discuss this with Chang Min and Yun Ho too?” I asked.

“We’ll fill them in later,” Jae Joong said.

“So what are we doing?” Jun Su asked gleefully.

“Well…” I said. “I friend of mine once got gagged and they poured gallons of soy sauce all over him.”

“What?” Jun Su exclaimed, and started laughing uncontrollably.

“Yea… I think there was egg and flour involved too,” I laughed.

“We’re they making ramyun or something?” Jae Joong laughed.

“Don’t think that’s what they were going for, but it was something along those lines,” I said as I scratched my head.

“I don’t think Yoo Chun will like being made a human ramyun,” Jun Su said.

“But I think kidnapping him in some way would be fun,” Jae Joong said.

“Ottoke?” I said.

“We could like leave him behind after the last venue on our schedule, then get some of the guys to wear masks when they kidnap him,” Jun Su suggested.

“Hmm… good idea. But who should do it?” Jae Joong said.

“Anyone bigger than him?” I said.

“Shin Dong?” Jun Su asked.

“Nah… too obvious. Someone with a much more normal build,” Jae Joong said.

“Kang In,” I suggested.

“Good idea…” Jun Su said.

“I think we should move this discussion into the room, in case he come out,” Jae Joong said and he got up.

The three of us hurried to his room and quickly locked the door after we went in.

“What are you guys up to?” Yun Ho said as he looked up from the book he was reading while sitting up at his bed; he was already showered and in his pajamas.

“Shh…” Jun Su said. “We’re having a meeting about Yoo Chun’s birthday.”

“Oh…” he said, his eyes lighting up.

“I’m gonna go shower while you guys finalize the details,” I said as I started picking out my pajamas.

“Sure… go on,” Jae Joong said.

I went out of the room and Jun Su locked the door from the inside as soon as I closed it.

“Who’s inside?” Yoo Chun asked me as I walked out.

“Jae Joong and Yun Ho,” I said innocently.

“Where’s Jun Su?” he said. “Didn’t he want to play a game of ‘King of Fighters’ before we went to bed?”

“I dunno… isn’t he in the workroom?” I said.

“No,” Yoo Chun said. “I went in there, and Chang Min was alone.

“I have no idea where he went,” I said. “Gotta go shower,” I quickly added, and slipped into the bathroom before he could ask me anymore questions.

I took a long shower and turned the heat up to as high as I could take because it would help soothe my aching body, and feet. Those heels we’re killing me all day, but I hadn’t complained to Yun Ho because I knew I had to wear them, and I didn’t want him to make a fuss for my sake. When I finally emerged from the bathroom, the entire apartment was dark, save for the little light they left on in the corridor for those who needed a trip to the bathroom at night.

I opened the door to Jae Joong and Yun Ho’s room; Yun Ho was already asleep and Jae Joong was quietly playing a game on his phone.

“Where’s Jun Su?” I whispered as I hung up my towel.

“Went to bed,” he whispered back as he flipped his phone close and put it on the bedside table.

“Did you guys come to a decision?” I asked him.

“Yea… we have our list of kidnappers, and what we’re gonna do,” he said as he started arranging the pillows and blankets to the positions we slept in.

“Are you sure this prank won’t be too much?” I said as I got into the bed and lay down beside him.

“He’ll survive it,” Jae Joong laughed softly.

“Don’t make it too extreme,” I said. “He might get upset.”

“Araso,” he said as he settled down beside me, and put his arm around my waist under the blankets. “Chalja.”

“Mmm…” I replied, and closed my eyes. I drifted off to sleep within seconds.

[Darren’s POV]

I saw Sierra again today. It’s been weeks since I last saw her. She looked pretty hot today. Must been because she was flanked by Yun Ho and Woo Hyuk. Girls always seem hotter when they’re surrounded by men.

It’s been another long day; broadcasting on radio, going for dance practices and recording for our next album. The management had been a bit late in kicking off the recording of our current album. Probably due to budget issues since we didn’t perform as well as they’d wanted us to last year, but they can’t deny that we’ve done well enough since we’d managed to match SS501 in terms of album sales last year.

“Hyung,” Min Jong said as he handed me a stack of cards.

We’re still up at this hour, stamping our autographs on the cards to be given out with out coming albums.

“Why can’t they just print our signatures?” Nakata grumbled as he stamped his signature on a card.

“You know we need to go this extra mile to show our sincerity,” I reminded him.

“Why us?” he sighed, as he continued his task.

“Things will change soon, don’t worry,” I smiled.

“Yea… how?” Min Jong said. “We’re always behind those SM kids.”

“They’re kids,” I reminded him. “We’ll catch up soon. Don’t need to get bitter about it.”

“Speaking of the SM kids, have you checked out that Hae Rin lately?” Nakata said.

“What’s with her?” Min Jong said.

“They’d totally revamped her. They’re going for BoA meets Jang Ri In now,” Nakata said.

“How?” Min Jong asked.

“She’s dancing, and still singing ballads,” he laughed.

“Sounds confusing,” Min Jong remarked.

“But it seems to be working… they keep changing her image… maybe she’ll end up becoming this Korean Gwen Stefani,” Nakata.

“I dun think she has what it takes to be anything close to Gwen Stefani,” I said. “Someone like Sierra would be much more possible.”

“Yea…” Min Jong agreed.

“I’m just saying. I don’t think Hae Rin is some dumb girl either. I’ve seen the glint in her eye,” Nakata said.

“You sure that wasn’t the camera effect?” I joked.

“I meant in real life,” he grumbled.

“Yea… yea… hurry up and finish your stack and we can go to bed,” I said.

I’d been racking my brains for sometime, thinking of the suitable scandal I could create to help with the sales. It was pure luck that we managed to make it the last 2 years, but this year, we’ll need more than luck. Thankfully, the gods have been kind and I’ve been given an opportunity. I hadn’t told Sierra today, since she was with Yun Ho and Woo Hyuk, but SM has just accepted an offer for her to star in a drama, and I will be starring opposite her.


abby said...

wow...a new drama with darren huh? that'd be a ruckus for you! that guy's a jerk, and i don't even want to think of how he's going to create a scandal...

micky's birthday coming up! although this isn't his real-life birthday, i'm really excited on how the guys are going to pull off the surprise. i just love micky...haha!

jishin said...

OMG! Totally threw me off my seat...Sierra's starring in a series with Darren?! =O Oh my goodness, I think things will get complicated once again! And TVXQ will be going to Japan soon right? o______O *sighs* It's gonna be a real challenge for Sierra and JaeJoong!

Ah ha but the prank on YooChun sounds super fun! Wahaha I was laughing when I read about the kidnapping plan! ShinDong being too obvious is very true! XDDD Well I hope it's gonna be a real kick-ass birthday surprise for YooChun! =D

Update soon~! Exciting stuff! =P

FIGHTING~~~!!! ^0^

lanyh said...

omg!! starring in a drama with darren and sierra?!? nooo!!! if Darren makes a big scandal for Sierra. I won't forgive him. >_<

a prank for Yoochun on his b-day? LoL that'll be fun.^^

stephie said...

OMGGGGG!! A drama with Darren!! Scandals are gonna fly all over!! Omg.. omg omg!
Can't wait for the saucy details!

I love the prank on Yoochun! Hope it isnt too extreme and he doesnt cry or something! HAHA.
Good to see JaeJoong back!

Great chapter!!!!

Danita said...

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A drama with Darren...This is going to be intense, but definitely worth the read!

Sorry for not commenting before. School is a killer.

Ganbatte Sierra!

시에라 (Sierra) said...

:) Get ready for the next chapter :P

gwiazdka said...

yah, Darren is so mean, ok, he might feel frustrated bcuz he's not good as TVXQ or S- Cube but making up for lack of talent this way is just not right.

and i hope that this drama thingy won't affect Sierra in any way... >_<

the Yoochun b-day prank is so great xD i love this idea ^__^