Sunday, 23 September 2007

Chapter 123: Play My Song

[Darren’s POV]

Darren: We’re gonna have a really exciting show today… Seung Ho, tell us why!

Seung Ho: Why? Because we have 2 of the fastest rising stars in Korea here with us today… Sierra and Yun Ho. (applause) Say hello!

Sierra: Annyeong haseyo, Sierra-imnida.

Yun Ho: Annyeong haseyo, Yun Ho-imnida.

Seung Ho: So how does it feel? You’ve just released a single together, the week is about to end, a whole week of rumors and controversy have passed, and the chart results will be out at the end of the week.

Yun Ho: (laughs) So many questions… which one do you want to hear first?

Darren: How about your comments on the controversy?

Yun Ho: Which one? As kasus, we’re always surrounded by gossip and rumors. Out of 10, usually about 1-2 may be true.

Seung Ho: Well, all week we’ve heard that you and Sierra have gotten back together, and Jae Joong has been kicked to the curb. I guess that isn’t true.

Sierra: No it isn’t. But it’s what sells the papers, right?

Darren: You bet it does. So how do you feel?

Sierra: Well, 3 years ago, I might have felt horrible and would’ve wondered why people would say such things about me, but now, I just ignore them when they’re untrue.

Yun Ho: Same here. There are too many rumors going around. They’re not all worth addressing.

Seung Ho: Well, we’re not gonna ask all those questions you’ve been receiving all week. We’ve come up with some tough cookies that you’ve not gotten yet, and don’t worry, they have nothing to do with your personal lives.

Yun Ho: Thank you.

Darren: No problem… we’re just trying to do our jobs well.

Sierra: You and Seung Ho have done pretty well.

Seung Ho: Ah… ye, komapseumnida.

Darren: Komapseumnida.

Sierra: So what do you guys have for us today?

Darren: First question, why did the two of you decide to do this collaboration?

Yun Ho: Well… it’s planned out by the management, but Sierra and I were happy to have gotten each other for this project. As everyone knows, we go a long way back, and yet we’ve never done anything like this together, so it felt really worthwhile and meaningful to work on with such a great friend.

Sierra: Aww… Yun Ho… you’re making me tear (laughs). Likewise… usually the producers come up with the ideas then we just get assigned and get to work. But to get to work with a friend is always more fun, and I’m glad we had the opportunity.

Darren: That’s very nice to hear, but I think Seung Ho would be too happy if I were replaced as his partner, preferably with a girl. (laughs)

Seung Ho: How can you say that Darren-sshi? I love you as much as my own brother… (pauses) wait a minute, I don’t have a brother.

(everyone laughs)

Sierra: Anyway… I feel that no one was more suitable for the part other than Yun Ho. The song suited his vocals and the MV was perfect for him since he’s such an incredible dancer. I just can’t imagine anyone else in his place.

Seung Ho: But aren’t the parts usually tailored for the kasu?

Sierra: To some extent. If everything can be tailored, then anyone can be a kasu, madji?

Seung Ho: Ne, majayo. And how did you think you fared for this collaboration?

Sierra: I did the best I could.

Yun Ho: Which was a fantastic job.

Seung Ho: Ne… I’ve seen the MV, it was spectacular. The drama, the music, the acting, the singing… it really was a whole package.

Sierra & Yun Ho: Kamsahamnida…

Seung Ho: So to kick things off, let’s listen to Sierra and Yun Ho’s first collaboration, the song that has been talked about all week, ‘Ice Box’.

(music plays)

I watched as Sierra and Yun Ho hovered over their scripts, their head close together. They really did make a good match, but yet, Sierra is with Jae Joong, which doesn’t matter for me anyway, because my only goal was to break them all apart… very soon.

The song ended, and we launched back into the interview session.

Seung Ho: Ya…. That song really sends shivers down my spine. It’s great!

Sierra & Yun Ho: Kamsahamnida…

Darren: So… here’s a statement for Yun Ho to comment on: People have said that someone like Stephanie from TSZX or Hyo Yeon from SNSD would have been more worthy to be your partner, since Sierra wasn’t the best dancer in SM.

Yun Ho: Is there even a standard to define ‘best dancer’? Sierra is a great dancer. Her style is different from Stephanie or Hyo Yeon. I guess in that sense, people don’t consider her the best, but there is no doubt that she’s good. Some people have also commented that I’m not the best dancer there is.

Seung Ho: You? U-Know Yun Ho of TVXQ?

Yun Ho: Ne.

Seung Ho: I don’t believe anyone ever said such a thing.

Yun Ho: It’s really a matter of opinion, so I wouldn’t worry too much, even if someone were to say that Sierra isn’t the best dancer. Most of us at SM have been trained thoroughly, and dancing is something that we don’t miss out on. A lot importance is placed on the ability to dance and sing. Sierra doesn’t need to be named ‘Best Dancer’ to shine.

Seung Ho: Keuraejyo! I agree. See how she’s shining even when just sitting next to us.

(everyone laughs)

Sierra: You’re too kind.

Darren: He’s only kind to girls, and people he fears.

Sierra: Is that so?

Darren: You’ll never see him treat me this well.

Seung Ho: You’re never happy with how I treat you, so let’s put this topic aside. So what makes ‘Ice Box’ the hottest song this week?

Yun Ho: Just this week? Let’s make it at least a month, shall we?

Seung Ho: Right… who am I to argue? (laughs)

Yun Ho: ‘Ice Box’ is a very good song, in terms of the lyrics and music, and we really hope we’ve done it justice. It’s emotional and meaningful and it’s danceable.

Sierra: Omarion is an artiste I really love and respect. It was an honour to do his song.

Seung Ho: What about the other song on your single?

Darren: ‘To Be Your Love’.

Seung Ho: Yep… that’s the one.

Sierra: That song was written by myself and Shoei a long time ago, and the producers finally picked it up and put it in a project.

Seung Ho: So how does Shoei feel; not being able to sing it with you?

Sierra: I don’t think he minds that much, as long as the song was finally made use of. (laughs)

Darren: And how is that song special?

Sierra: That song is an achievement for me.

Darren: How so?

Sierra: I’ve always loved sad love songs… and that’s what I write best. ‘To Be Your Love’ is a love song… a song about being in love, as opposed to the songs about falling out of love I’ve always written.

Seung Ho: Didn’t you co-write another love song with Skye, the one with Chinese lyrics…

Sierra: This was written before ‘Don’t You Know’. But because ‘Don’t You Know’ was selected for the 3rd album, it was considered the first song I wrote… with Skye of course.

Seung Ho: I see… such a long story behind it. Then I guess we should have a listen to it.

Sierra: If you like…

Yun Ho: If you notice, in ‘Ice Box’, my vocals are more prominent, but in ‘To Be Your Love’, Sierra’s is more prominent. We sort of take turns.

Darren: Keurae? I really didn’t notice at first, probably because of how your voices blend so well together. Then we really need to listen to compare.

Sierra: You should… shall we sing it to you guys?

Darren: Good idea!

Sierra: Okay with you, Yun Ho?

Yun Ho: I came prepared. (laughs)

Seung Ho: Alright… so here’s Sierra and Yun Ho’s next single, the MV will be released next week, and you’re the first to hear Sierra and Yun Ho sing it live on air, on ‘Hot This Second’.

Darren: This is ‘To Be Your Love’…

(music plays, Sierra and Yun Ho stand up to sing into microphones set up above the tables)

Sierra: I love…
The way you touch my nose when I cry
The way you look at me when I sigh
When I sigh

Don’t know why
I just love to be by your side
If we were to part I would cry
Baby I would cry

Sierra: Gentle breezes caress our faces
[Yun Ho: Gentle breezes caress our faces]
Sierra: The rain pours lovingly on our skins
[Yun Ho: The rain pours lovingly on our skins]
Sierra: The waves of love they gently wash over us
[Yun Ho: The waves of love they gently wash over us]
Sierra: This is how it feels
[Yun Ho: This is how it feels]

Sierra & Yun Ho: To be your love
To be your one and only
To be the reason you that smile

To be your hope
To be the reason
For every breath that you would take
To be your love

Sierra: This time
I’m gonna hold you close and never let you go
I’m never gonna find another love like you
Love like you

Who knows
If I am ever gonna live to see the day
That you would tell me that you love me for all time
For all time

Sierra: Pretty blossoms they fall around us
[Yun Ho: Pretty blossoms they fall around us]
Sierra: The sparkling snow float past
[Yun Ho: The sparkling snow float past]
Sierra: The waves of love they gently wash over us
[Yun Ho: The waves of love they gently wash over us]
Sierra: This is how it feels
[Yun Ho: This is how it feels]

Sierra & Yun Ho: To be your love
To be your one and only
To be the reason you that smile

To be your hope
To be the reason
For every breath that you would take

To be your love
To be your one and only
To be the reason you that smile

To be your hope
To be the reason
For every breath that you would take
To be your love

(music ends – applause)

Seung Ho: Waa… that was so sweet. It’s a total 1-80 from the lyrics of ‘Ice Box’.

Darren: Yes… and it’s probably going to be the theme song for many lovers this year.

Sierra: Kamsahamnida.

Yun Ho: Ye…. Kamsahamnida.

Seung Ho: About the upcoming MV, it’s supposed to complete the story left hanging in the first one, correct?

Yun Ho: Something like that…

Sierra: I have 2 identities in 2 MVs, so the next one will clear that up.

Darren: Are we going to get any spoilers from you 2 today?

Sierra: Sorry… it’s a surprise.

Darren: And there will be no launch event for this?

Sierra: No, but it will be broadcasted on national television, and cable too, nationwide, on Monday at 9pm.

Darren: Aah… very suspenseful. Good thinking! Our compliments to the marketing team.

Yun Ho: (laughs) They should be listening in.

Seung Ho: Of course… so to all listeners out there, turn on your television sets on Monday night cos at 9pm, Sierra and Yun Ho’s 2nd MV, 'To Be Your Love', will be broadcasting nationwide.

Darren: It will be the piece to complete the puzzle the first MV has created, so you don’t wanna miss it.

Sierra & Yun Ho: Ye… don’t miss it!

Seung Ho: Well, well… look at the time.

Darren: Wow… how it flies. I guess we’ll need to wrap it up then.

Seung Ho: So thank you, Sierra and Yun Ho for being with us. It was a great pleasure.

Sierra: Likewise.

Darren: We hope to see you again, very soon.

Yun Ho: You will… Monday, 9pm, nationwide.

(everyone laughs)

Seung Ho: Good one! Once again thank to Sierra and Yun Ho. Thank you to the listeners for listening in. We’re gonna leave you with the last song for today, 'Waiting for You' by S-Cube featuring Hee Chul of Super Junior. Enjoy it!

Seung Ho & Darren: Bye!


Danita said...

Yes, Sierra, I meant send him to me.

Darren should leave you alone. He needs to stop the whole "I'm out to ruin your life" thing.

*hugs Darren plushie*

Anonymous said...

He is back in action!!!! Haha. Seriously wondering what is his plan.. *dum dum dum*..
I miss Skye and Shoei..
To be your love it so romantic!!!!
Great chapter~!!!!

jishin said...

I enjoyed reading the interview very much! ^____^ It's nice to see YunHo and Sierra's interaction, and of course the live duet was lovely!~! =DDD

But of course, Darren's scheme is unnerving me -_______-

Haha and I miss reading about the Skye and Shoei and of course JaeJoong~! ^0^ Hehe lookin' forward to stuff on them!

Update soon ne! FIGHTING~~~!!! ^0^

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i was relieved that Darren didn't really do anything harmful during the interview...but he's still annoying as hell. haha!

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Aside from that, LOVED the interview... But girl, you do know how to make someone anxious for more... I was thinking WHEN will Darren makes his move...

gwiazdka said...

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