Friday, 28 March 2008


If anyone read through the posts for my last chapter, you would have seen a post made by Jennifer, a writing major from New Jersey. She had mentioned me and MKR as part of her research on fan fiction.

Here is the post:

Not only does it gives kudos to me... it also spoke of what fan fiction did for the popularity of the stars it featured and also for all the others who would be involved in it's creation.

I am simply ecstatic that my work has been recognized... and I am happy that fan fiction writers are receiving credit for their work, having being often viewed as just silly girls writing idealistic stories; even if it may only be from the wonderful Jennifer. Thank you Jennifer! You are just too wonderful for words! Perhaps writing fan fictions may soon become a recognized occupation ^_^

As for Jennifer... I hope you become the journalist you want to be. When that happens... do remember to do a big cover story on us, fan fiction writers! ^_^

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