Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Chapter 138: I'll Be There


Good news! I updated Can't Say... (I Love You) :P Yes, I know... it's long, long overdue...


“Nuna, pass the radishes,” Skye said, with his mouth full.

We were eating jjajjangmyun during our break. We had a full day ahead, laying out another track for our new album.

“I don’t get how you people can eat this every day,” Shi Kyung hyung said, shaking his head.

“It’s delicious!” I smiled, my lips smeared with the dark sauce.

“Ne… and it’s good to be young,” he said, “I’m going out to eat.”

He left the room with the sound engineers and left us 3 alone, slurping our noodles.

“What’s wrong with eating the same thing every day?” I asked.

“You’re a bit odd for a girl, nuna. Usually girls would want something different every day,” Shoei said.

“Yea… it’s guys who usually don’t care what they eat every day,” Skye piped in.

“You guys know me. If I like something, I can eat it every day, no problem.”

“And when you’re too lazy to find something else,” Shoei said.

“Plus… we get a discount from this shop,” I reminded them.

“Ne,” the both of them sang.

My phone started singing Tim’s Nan Ottoke.

“Gawd,” Skye grimaced. “You have got to stop using those sappy songs for ringtones.”

“I adore sappy songs,” I cooed and walked out to take the call.

“Na ya…” Jae Joong said. “Odiya?”

“In the studios,” I said.



“How are you feeling today?” he asked.

“I’m fine.”

“Choa…” he sighed.

“Waegeurae?” I asked him.

“Nothing… just asking.”

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“I’m off today,” he said.

“That’s great. Where are the others?” I said as I strolled aimlessly up and down the corridor.

“They’re out,” he said.

“You didn’t go with them?” I asked him.

“Nah… I’ve seen enough of Tokyo,” he said.

“So what are you doing to do?” I asked.

“I’m at the studios,” he said.

“You’re working?” I asked him.

“No,” he said.

Just then, I heard the familiar sound of the elevator announcing the floor.

“I’m visiting,” he said.

I turned around, and there he was, standing 5 feet away from me, in front of the elevator.

He hung up his phone, and so did I.

“Missed me?” he smiled.

“Jae Joong,” I said.

“Sierra,” he said, in the same tone, mimicking me.

I laughed, and ran toward him to hug him.

“Pogoshipo,” he whispered in my ear, and he kissed me.

I hugged him tighter, allowing myself to melt in his arms. The moment I saw him, my heart had lifted, and I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. I’d missed him, but I didn’t know how much until the moment I saw him.

“Have you eaten?” he asked me as he stroked my cheek.

“Eating,” I smiled. “Have you eaten?”

“Ani,” he said. “Paegop’a…”

“Come on,” I said as I took his hand. “I hope the guys left some food for us.”

I opened the door and the 2 of them looked up.

“Guess who’s back,” I smiled.

“Hyung!” Skye exclaimed when Jae Joong walked in from behind me.

“Hey,” Jae Joong smiled. “Left any food for me?”

“You’ll have to share with nuna,” Shoei laughed. “Skye finished all the extras.”

“Ya! Twaeji!” I said and poked Skye on the head. “You didn’t leave any of the side dishes for me?”

“I figured you wouldn’t have time to eat them by the time you finished your phone call,” he smiled sheepishly.

“Twaeso…” Jae Joong said. “Let’s go out.”

“Now?” I said.

“Go on,” Skye said. “An hour or 2 won’t be a problem. We can do out parts first.”

“Ye… We’ll tell hyung. He’ll understand.” Shoei said.

“Are you sure?” I said.

“Kaja…” Jae Joong said as he took my hand and led me out of the room.

“Don’t worry. We’ll take care of hyung,” Skye said and pushed the both of us out of the room.

“Where are we going?” I asked Jae Joong as we walked towards his car.

“Somewhere near and quick; I shouldn’t keep you out for so long.”

“Take out? Hillside?” I suggested.

“Good idea,” he smiled.

20 minutes later, we were parked on the hillside, munching on our takeaway kimbap.

“This is nice,” he said, as he fed me a piece of kimbap with his chopsticks.

“Mmm…” I smiled.

“Have you been eating well?” he said me. “You seem a little thinner.”

“I’ve been eating,” I said. “Could be the stress and the extra workout I’m getting to prepare us for the next album.”

“Just make sure you eat right,” he said. “And make sure you’re not drinking anything cold.”

“Araso…” I said.

Jae Joong found out recently that people with my gastric condition should not be drinking cold drinks. Since then, he had put out the word that I was to be prohibited from drinking soft drinks, iced tea; basically anything below room temperature.

“Is it helping?” he asked.


“Not having cold drinks.”

“I feel better than I did,” I said. “Maybe…”

“Good,” he said, and reached out to rub my back affectionately. “I just want you to be well. I hate seeing you sick.”

“Ne…” I said. “I’ll take care of myself. You take care of yourself. You’ve gotten thinner too.”

“I have,” he said, and surveyed his face in the rear mirror.

“I miss your body from when you first debut. All those muscles,” I said in a rapturous tone, and licked my lips deliberately.

“Michoso…” he laughed.

“Chintcha… I was more attracted to you when we first met; when you were a bit more buff. You’ve slimmed down so much, I feel beefier than you these days.”

“Chunky would be the correct word,” he grinned, and I prodded his forehead with my finger.

“Say that again and I’ll kill you,” I said in mock seriousness.

“But I like you chunky…” he said, and patted my thigh affectionately.

“SM doesn’t,” I said.

“Are you dating SM now?” he asked me.

“Yes…” I said happily. “It’s been almost 3 years now. We may get married someday.”

“Michoso…” he said, and prodded my head with his index finger.

“Oww… what was that for?” I said. “Did you want to date me or something? Nan choahae?” I asked, and tried not to laugh.

“Sierra…” he said, and grabbed my shoulders with both hands. “It’s me, Jae Joong. Have you forgotten? Are you alright? Are you sick? Odi ap’a?”

His pained expression was the last straw for me, I couldn’t control myself anymore, and I burst out laughing.

“Oh no…” he continued. “You must be really sick. My poor Sierra…” he said, and pulled me towards him for a hug.

“Keumanhae…” I laughed as he stroked my hair, then I could feel his body shaking with laughter too.

We pulled apart, still laughing. I was in stitches and had my arms wrapped around my stomach, which was cramping from all the laughing. Jae Joong had one hand over his stomach and another over his mouth, trying to stifle his laughter.

“Michoso...” I said, and pushed him on the arm as my laughter subsided.

“You started it,” he smiled. “Nawa...” he said, beckoning me into his arms.

I moved forwards and wrapped my arms around his waist, leaning my head against his stomach.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been happy like this,” he sighed.

“Mmm…” I answered, and hugged him tighter.

“Missed me?”

“Mmm… pogoshipo…” I murmured.

“Should I come back?” he asked.

“Ne?” I exclaimed, and sat up.

“Should I cut short my work in Japan and come back to be with you?”

“What would your band do without you?”

“I’ll fly back when we have group activities. For now, it’s mostly individual activities.”

“Are you sure the management will be okay with this?”

“If they don’t? You’re willing to have us separated and pining for each other?” he asked. “It’s tiring for me to just pop back like this. If I had more of a fixed schedule back here, I could spend more days here instead of having to fly back on the same day.”

“Arayo… but…”

“Just tell me, Sierra,” he said. “Do you want to see me more often, or not?”

“I want to…”

“Then it’s done. I’ll speak to my manager when I get back to Tokyo.”

“And you’re sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” he replied.

I searched his face for any sign of uncertainty, and there were none. He was adamant that we spent more time together, and I could only be happy that he is making the effort.

“Saranghae…” I said, and reached out to stroke his cheek.

“Saranghae,” he said, turning to face me. “I want this to work out. I want us to work out. I don’t want us to fall apart…”

“I know…”

“You’re the most constant thing in my life for the past few years, after the band and my family.”

“So are you to me,” I said.

“I sound greedy, but I want to have it all. I want the career, the popularity, and I want a personal life.”

“We have it all,” I said.

“Do we? Sometimes I’m so afraid that everything is just going to slip through my hands.”

“That’s not going to happen,” I said softly. “Not while we have each other.”

“And that is why I will do everything to keep us together,” he said. “So don’t give up, okay?”

He looked at me with his beautiful, pleading eyes. Who would be able to refuse him? He has been more to me than anyone else for the past few years. If it were not for him, would I still be sane and able to carry on with this crazy, surreal life I was leading?

“Araso…” I said, and I hugged him again.

I could only hope that him doing this would not cause problems with the band and the management. I didn't the whole world to resent me for taking Jae Joong away from them.

[Nakata’s POV]

I was waiting outside the studios; waiting for Yuk Hee to get off work. It’s our 3rd date since that night at her apartment. Everything seems to be going well, but you never know… women.

I waited for almost an hour before she showed up. I knew she had made me wait on purpose, since I’d seen her co-stars walk out earlier. Darren had also walked past earlier, and all he did was smile knowingly and pat me on the shoulder before walking off.

“Mian,” she smiled sweetly when she saw me. “Did I keep you waiting?”

“No… I was a little late myself,” I lied. If she wanted to play, I’ll play along.

“Great,” she said, and linked her arm with mine. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see when we get there,” I said, and we walked towards my car.


Abby said...

Oh my gosh, Sierra, you lucky, lucky girl! Jaejoong is such a sweetie. This story never fails to engage me deeply with every chapter you post. Keep it up!

Oh, and Thank you for updating Can't Say (I Love You)!!!

thency said...

finally delurking.....yah...i've enjoyed your work so veryverymuch.....makes me pine for Korea...can't wait to get back :) keep up the great work dearie... :)

lizzy said...


he's such a sweet guy! <3

I feel like such a bad girl because I still yearn for the Sierra & Yunho romance but.. at the same time, Jaejoong is pretty da*n wonderful.

dear, where are you?! are you busy?! c[:

I get so excited when you update. It's like I'm your fangirl. c[:

Hien said...
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Hien said...

Hmm... For some reason, my previous comment was deleted...

Well... I decided to stop being a selfish, silent reader and comment.

Jae Joong is such a sweet boyfriend... Sierra, you really are lucky!

Your story really wants me to visit (South) Korea one day. I'll have to talk to my mother about it. It also makes me want to write my own story, too....

Too bad I don't have the guts.

Anyway... This is Hien, waiting patiently for your next update.


lizzy said...

sierra dear...

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시에라 (Sierra) said...

I'm here Lizzy... just haven't finished the chapter :P I just moved and couldn't bring my laptop with me and I'm currently between jobs again, so I'm a bit pressed with the job hunting. But I promise to have another chapter out soon.

Hien!!! Thanks for finally speaking up. Wonder how your comment got deleted... but I did receive it in my email account :) Keep reading... and if you want to try writing... why not? If you're afraid, you don't need to publish your work immediately. Just keep writing until you're confident enough to put out your work for all to see :)

Hello Thency... you're finally done with all 138 chapters? ^_^ Get your butt back to Korea soon so that I can come visit you :) Thanks for commenting!

Hey Abby! Putting out the next chapter for Can't Say ( I Love You) this week. Wait for it :)