Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Why can’t you get a simple thing right?

Today I truly understand the gravity and hurt that one can inflict just by making this remark –

“Why can’t you get a simple thing right?”

How did I come to this realization? It has happened to me.

Sure, the person did not say it to my face. But she insinuated it. Her very words were –

“How come there are corrections so often.
I think this year I have the most corrections compared to my past 6-7 years in XXX.”

When you hear remarks like this, you feel belittled. You feel that anything else you have ever done right had been for naught, and whatever you do wrong is so heavily scrutinised and penalised. And this is also whether or not it was even all your fault. No one cares. You screw up, you’re worthless. Are people not allowed mistakes anymore? Or perhaps people who make these comments happen to be frustrated and are simply taking it out on you? Whatever it is, it demonstrates a lack of compassion.

After today, I realized that it is very hurtful. All those time we complain about the goods and services we pay for, and we often wonder why people can’t do what their supposed to do properly; especially when it’s their core task, or perhaps even the most minute task in their list of to-dos. The answer could be very simple… the circumstances that caused it were not favourable.

Hence, I shall try to be more compassionate in future. Rather than accusing people for not 'putting their backs into it', I will endeavor to understand how the situation came about, give them the due patience to correct the problem, and refrain from making such remarks. But if I do come to realize that they are willfully committing mistakes or negligence, then I guess I’ll need to take some action, wouldn’t I? ^_^

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