Thursday, 25 January 2007

Chapter 54: Proud

The middle of the stage was illuminated gradually and there was a flash of bright lights and an explosion of fireworks. There in the middle of the stage stood Ji Sang Ryul in full regalia. He was dressed like a king, with a crown and a cape and even a scepter, which turned out to be the microphone. We couldn’t help but laugh. ‘We Will Rock You’ started playing, and a group of dancers came out, stomping their dance to the beat of the song. Everyone started clapping and stomping along.

“We will, we will, rock you!” Ji Sang Ryul shouted along with the song, then we could hear a solo guitar playing as everyone continued with the clapping and stomping.

“Buddy you're a boy, make a big noise playin' in the street, gonna be a big man some day” Lee Yeon Hee sang as she descended in open capsule from the top of the stage and everyone cheered. She was dressed in an apple green mini dress and white, knee-high boots. “You got mud on your face, ya big disgrace, kicking your can all over the place,” she sang.

“Everybody!!” Ji Sang Ryul yelled as he flipped off his cape and threw his crown at the audience, and the auditorium sang along, “We will, we will rock you!”

The guys from Super Junior, along with Skye, started to stand up and dance along. At the other row, Helix and SS501 were doing the same. The guys met up in the middle and continued to dance like crazy until the song ended.

“Woo!!” Ji Sang Ryul yelled. “Annyeonghaseyo!!!” and the crowd screamed. “Ye… annyeonghaseyo, Ji Sang Ryul-imnida!” the crowd cheered again.

“Annyeonghaseyo, Lee Yeon Hee-imnida!” Yeon Hee shouted and raised her hand in the air.

“How’s everyone here tonight?” Ji Sang Ryul shouted and the crowd yelled their incoherent response.

“Oppa,” Yeon Hee said, “Ani, sonbae,” she corrected herself.

“Call me oppa, baby,” Ji Sang Ryul said in a deep voice as he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“Nae, Sang Ryul oppa,” Yeon Hee laughed. “Are you feeling excited tonight?”

“Sure I am,” he laughed. “I have Lee Yeon Hee by my side.”

“Oppa, be serious. Aren’t you excited that there are so many people here tonight?”

“Yes… of course I am.”

“Aren’t you excited that there are so many artistes here tonight?” she asked.

“Yes I am. Are you?” he said as he faced the audience and they let our deafening screams.

“We hope that everyone enjoys the performances we have in store for you tonight. For now, here are our first presenters for tonight, Epik High!”

The first few awards went by quickly and it came to the R&B award. Kang Dong Won and Kim Ha Neul walked out onto the stage and waved.

“Ha Neul-ah,” Dong Won said.

“Nae?” Ha Neul replied.

“I feel very inadequate,” he said as he made a sad face.


“Cos our nominees for the night are all so good looking.”

“It’s just too bad for you,” she laughed. “Read it!”

“Araso…” he laughed. “The nominees for R&B: Fly to the Sky - Maybe, S-Cube - Ghosts, SG Wannabe – This Could Be, See Ya – Love You, Vibe – What You Do,” he announced as the video clips flashed across the screens.

“And the winner is…” Na Heul announced as Dong Won opened the envelope.

Skye, Shoei and I held hands and whispered our prayers.

“Fly to the Sky, Maybe!” Dong Won announced.

We stood up and turned around to hug Hwan Hee and Brian as they walked past. They were the undisputed kings of R&B. Even S-Cube was no match.

“It’ll be your turn next year,” Hwan Hee whispered in my ear when I hugged him.

“We’ll see!” I smiled as I pulled away.

After a performance by Super Junior, it was time for the Digital Popularity Award. The announcers were Kim Sun Ah and Jang Hyuk.

“Jang Hyuk oppa,” Kim Sun Ah said. “Why haven’t you been calling me back?”

“Sun Ah-yah… oppa’s really busy. I just got out from the army and all that. Cut me some slack will ya?”

“Oh… right… your hair looks great by the way,” Kim Sun Ah giggled.

“Are you mocking me?” Jang Hyuk glared at her.

“Animida… can you please read out who the winner is?” she giggled.

“Hmmph!” he huffed and started to open the envelope, then he shoved it at her. “You read.”

“Nae,” she smiled and pulled the card out. “The winner is…” and Jang Hyuk peered over her shoulder at the card.

“S-Cube, Ghosts!” they announced together and everyone cheered.

I was shocked. To the point where I just sat there, staring straight at the stage, where Kim Sun Ah and Jang Hyuk stood and looked at us expectantly.

“Nuna,” Skye shook me. “Let’s go!”

As I stood up, the guys from TVXQ patted my back. Jae Joong walked to the end of the aisle to meet up with me as I reached the end. He pulled me into his arms and hugged me.

“Ch’uk’aheyo!” he said as he released me.

He had to turn me around and steer me towards Shoei who was waiting at the steps leading to the stage. I still felt a little disorientated. Shoei grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stage to walk with him. Skye was already on the stage with the trophy in his hand.

“Kamsahamnida!” he yelled and kissed the trophy amidst the cheering from the audience.

“Our first ever award,” Shoei said. “We’d like to thank Lee Soo Man sonsengnim and SM for putting us on the map in the music industry. To our manager, Ahn Shi Kyung, thank you for being a mother to us,” he laughed.

“Thank you to our stylists and coordinators, who make us look hot all the time. Thanks to Lex, our choreographer. Oh! And to Jun Jin sonbae, thank your for lending us your voice and presence in this song. You made us hotter than we already were,” Skye winked. “Nuna, you wanna say something?”

“I want to thank our parents,” I said. “We know you’re watching us this instant. And to our fans, thank your for being with us through all the trials and tribulations our band has faced. Without you, we will not be S-Cube,” I ended, as tears streamed down my face.

“Nuna, uljima,” Shoei laughed as he dabbed my tears away with his jacket’s sleeve.

“Saranghamnida!” Skye yelled as we walked off the stage.

After receiving our award, it was time for us to go backstage to prepare for our performance. Jun Jin was getting wired as we walked into the area leading to the stage.

“Break a leg!” MC Mong said as he walked past us to get onto the stage. He was supposed to introduce us.

“How do I look?” I asked Shoei. We usually gave each other a once over before we went on stage.

“Great!” he smiled. We walked onto the concealed area on the stage and we could hear MC Mong introducing us.

“The next band has come far from the first day they debut. It has been a long road for them and tonight, they’re shining brighter than ever,” he said. “Especially when the band’s lead by a hot babe,” he added and the crowd screamed in recognition. “Everybody, give it up for S-Cube and Jun Jin!”

The curtain was raised and I was alone, a mid-tempo hip hop groove started playing and I danced. I was without my trenchcoat, wearing only the short, backless qipao. As I started dancing, the crowd cheered. I used most the stage to execute my routine, it was part-sexy, part-tough, lots of booty-shaking and body-waves. Lex oppa had initially planned for S-Cube to dance together. Since Skye had injured his arm, they changed it to a solo performance from me. As the song ended, there was a huge explosion at the front of the stage, and the curtains behind fell to reveal Skye, Shoei and Jun Jin, the intro beats of Ghosts started playing and they walked forward to join me. I picked up the microphone left at the side of the stage for me and Jun Jin oppa rapped the intro.

JunJin: This is Double J, baby, puttin’ it in for S-Cube…
Sierra, baby… do your thing…

Sierra: I turned around as I felt your presence
I was disappointed when I saw, there was no one there
I continued to walk and I heard you whisper
The ghosts of our past are haunting me, haunting me

Skye: I was walking in a crowd when I saw you
Standing right in the middle, as people passed by
I called your name and all at once you disappeared
The ghosts of our past are driving me mad, driving me mad

Shoei: Why can’t I exorcise these thoughts away
They’re driving me to insanity,
Why do they torture me
Sierra: I scream in silence as the ghosts ravage my mind
I wish I can end this torture by ending my life

S-Cube: I wish you didn’t walk away
Without a word, without a care
The memories we shared are suffocating me
Only if you came back, you’d be able to save me

I wish you didn’t walk away
Without a word, without a care
The times we spent together keep reminding me
Only if you came back, you’d be able to save me

JunJin: Yeah~ yeah~ here we go…
The ghosts of our pasts just won’t go away
How much more do I need to beg
For you to come back, to stay
Only you can save my sanity, baby
Only you can cure me
Without you I’d go mad
As I drown in my screams

Shoei: Why can’t I exorcise you from my head
You’re driving me mad, you’re torturing me
Sierra: I scream in silence as your ghosts ravage my mind
Stop haunting me, I beg you, if you’re not coming back
Skye: Just take my life, and end this right now

S-Cube: I wish you didn’t walk away
Without a word, without a care
The memories we shared are suffocating me
Only if you came back, you’d be able to save me

I wish you didn’t walk away
Without a word, without a care
The times we spent together keep reminding me
Only if you came back, you’d be able to save me

JunJin: You heard me, baby…
Come back to me

We stood there in our ending positions, breathing heavily. The crowd cheered like mad as the song ended. We hugged each other and waved to the crowd as we walked off.

Backstage, we ran into Bi (Rain), who was presenting next.

“Great job, guys!” he smiled.

“Omigod!! It’s Bi!!” Skye yelled and shook Bi’s hand excitedly.

“Yes,” he laughed at Skye’s antics, “It’s Bi.”

“Calm down, Skye,” Shoei said as he put an arm around Skye. “Thank you, Bi sonbae,” Shoei said to Bi. “Come on, Skye,” Shoei said as he hauled Skye away.

“I’ll see you back out there,” Jun Jin said to me and he too walked off.

“Thank you, sonbae,” I said to Bi.

“Um… you don’t have to call me sonbae. It makes me feel so old,” he laughed.

“But you are our sonbae and you are older than us.”

“Just call me oppa,” he smiled and as it always is, his eyes narrowed into slits, and it made him look so adorable.

“Haha… okay, oppa,” I smile. “You can call me just Sierra then.”

“Another 2 awards for you, right?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m so nervous.”

“Don’t be,” he said. “You guys have a good shot at winning.”

“Right… when we have so many other huge bands nominated along with us,” I laughed. “By the way, congratulations on winning Best Male,” I said. Just then, a wave of darkness flashed past my eyes. I blinked and looked up. Was there something up with the power?

“Sierra,” Bi said, looking concerned, “Are you alright?”

“Huh? I’m fine. Did you notice? The lights went out for a moment.”

“Lights? No. No lights went out,” he said, looking puzzled. And that exact moment, I saw the wave of darkness again, and this time I felt weak. My knees buckled under me, and Bi caught me just as I was falling to the floor.

“Sierra!” he called out and that was the last thing I heard.


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