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Chapter 100: Hello Again

“Cut!” the director yelled.

Yun Ho helped me up onto my feet and someone passed me a bottle of water to rinse off the ‘blood’ in my mouth.

“Bida…” he pretended to be shocked as I took off my leather jacket and handed it to one of the assistants.

“Yuck,” I said as I surveyed the damage on the shirt.

It really looked like I had just lost a gallon of blood or something. I pulled out the bag from under my shirt and another assistant collected it from me.

“Komapda,” I said.

“That was a very good take,” the director said. “We don’t even need to shoot again. The both of you were very in touch with your emotions.”

“Komapseumnida,” we both bowed.

“Good job. We should have done this long ago,” the producer said. “There’s obviously screen chemistry between the both of you. Could it be because of your past involvement?” he teased.

“Anieyo,” I said.

“We’re good friends. There’s no past attachment left between us,” Yun Ho added.

“Still, it’s good. You’ve really captured the emotions of the characters you played,” the producer said.

“We need to move to the next location now, to catch the late afternoon sun,” the director announced.

We piled into the vans and left for the next location for the shoot, a cemetery. The cemetery scene is meant for the 2nd MV, ‘To Be Your Love’. We’re doing all the outdoor shoots today, and for the next few days, we will focus on the studio shoots.

Once we arrived at the location, they stylists trimmed my hair extensions and changed my hairstyle to a shorter cut which ended just above my shoulders. I’ll be keeping this hairstyle for the next few days, until the shoot ends. When they were done with my hair, I was given a moment alone to clean off the ‘blood stains’ from earlier, and when I was done, I changed into a white sundress. It was feminine, demure and a far cry from my earlier costume. Yun Ho was in a casual suit this time and topped off with a pair of sunglasses pushed up on his head like a headband.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you look so suave,” I smiled.

“I’ve never seen you look more lady-like,” he laughed. “And didn’t I wear a suit to the last awards?”

“That was an elaborate suit. This is simple, and sophisticated.”


“This is really not my usual style,” I laughed.

“I can tell,” he said. “You don’t look like you.”

“I don’t?”

“You look better as Jin Yi,” he smiled.

“That’s probably because you’re drawn to dangerous-looking girls,” I said.

“I guess I am,” he smiled. “So where do I find one?”

“Beats me,” I shrugged my shoulders, and smiled back at him.

Filming began in a short while. The sun beat down on the set, but Yun Ho was sitting comfortable in the shade while filming his bit. The scene it set for 1 year later. Yun Ho sits by Jin Yi’s grave; and yes, they pasted my photo on someone’s grave.

“Are you sure it won’t bring me bad luck?” I asked the prop master.

“We’ve done this many times. It won’t bring you bad luck,” he assured me.

Call me traditional and superstitious, but I’m Chinese, and Chinese are really particular about these kinda stuff. I’m gonna need some kind of talisman after this shoot.

We had a special guest for this scene and he was already on the set by the time we arrived.

“Teukie!” I exclaimed when I saw him. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m your cousin,” he smiled.

“Great! If only you were really my cousin,” I said.

“You could start telling everyone that. They might believe you,” he laughed.

“Hyung,” Yun Ho greeted him as he approached.

“Hey Yun Ho. Ready to get your heart broken?”


“You’re supposed to think that I’m her boyfriend,” he explained.

“Oh… ara…” he smiled.

“I think they’re ready to begin,” I said when I noticed them signaling everyone to their positions.

“Let’s go,” Yun Ho said.

Ee Teuk and I went up the stairs right to the top to wait for our entrance, and Yun Ho would be sitting next to ‘my grave’.

“Action,” the director yelled, and the camera focused on Yun Ho as he said his lines.

Yun Ho: I hope you’re happy. (runs a finger down the photo on Jin Yi’s tombstone) What a mess you’ve made of me now.

He stands up slowly and dusts off his suit, and walked leisurely away from her tomb, onto the stairway up the hill. He looks up and the sun blinds his eye for a moment. He blinks, and when he opens his eyes again, he sees me.

Yun Ho: Jin Yi?

I walk down the stair he is on; in a white sundress, and holding a bouquet of lilies.

Yun Ho: Jin Yi! (he grabs my arm as I walk past)

I turn and look at him with a startled expression.

Sierra: Ajeosshi… please let go of me.

Yun Ho continues to stare at me, not releasing his grasp.

They would later on add this piece of dialogue as Yun Ho’s thoughts.

[Yun Ho: Ajeosshi? She called me ajeosshi? But she looks exactly like Jin Yi. She must be Jin Yi!]

Sierra: Ajeosshi… Please let me go. (still struggling)

Yun Ho: Jin Yi, it’s you, isn’t it?

[Yun Ho: Why won’t she acknowledge me? Why won’t she admit who she is?]

Sierra: I’m not Jin Yi! My name is not Jin Yi

I pull my arm out of his grasp and drop the bouquet I was holding.

Yun Ho: You’re not Jin Yi?

Sierra: My name is Sierra. Are you drunk or something?

Yun Ho: Choesonghamnida.

He steps away from me.

Sierra: Are you alright, ajeosshi?

I look at his shocked face, concerned.

Jung Su: Sierra.

Ee Teuk, dressed in a black shirt and a pair of blue jeans jogs down the stairs.

Sierra: Oppa!

Jung Su: Kwaench’ana?

He came to stands beside me and put his arm around my shoulders.

Sierra: Nan kwaench’ana.

Jung Su: Who is this?

Sierra: Erm… this is…

Yun Ho: Jung Yun Ho. Detective Jung Yun Ho.

Jung Su: Park Jung Su

He extends his hand to Yun Ho, and they shake hands briefly.

Yun Ho: Nice to meet you, Sierra-sshi, Jung Su-sshi. I’ll take my leave now. Annyeonghi kyeseyo.

He pulls his sunglasses down to cover his eyes and walks away.

Jung Su: Annyeonghi kaseyo…

Ee Teuk and I watch Yun Ho as he walks away. Camera zooms in on Yun Ho’s expression as he walks up the stairs.

[Yun Ho: She’s taken… to think I actually mistook her for Jin Yi. She doesn’t even come close to Jin Yi…]

Jung Su: Who was that?

Sierra: Just some guy. Let’s go see oma.

I bend down to pick up the bouquet and as Ee Teuk and I walked down the stairs, I turn back to look at Yun Ho.

[Sierra: He looks so distinguished and poised, but he also looks depressed. I wonder what happened to him. Who is this Jin Yi?]

After this scene, the music would start and the scene of the MV would change.

“Good take,” the producer said. “Let’s head downtown to finish off the other scenes.”

There was a little sun light left, and they thought they’d film a few more scenes before we wrapped up for the day.

“I’m gonna take off now,” Ee Teuk said when he’s gotten out of his costume.

“Okay,” I said. “See ya!”

“Tell Yun Ho I’m leaving,” he said, since Yun Ho was still in one of the trailers.

“Araso,” I said. “Bye!”

We left the graveyard shortly after that and arrived at a coffee shop to film another scene. On the way, they dressed me in a feminine linen blouse and a pair of casual jeans. Yun Ho was already dressed in jeans, t-shirt and a denim jacket by the time we got off the vans.

We have lines for the next few scenes, but they won’t be audible on the MV. They are just meant to make the scenes look more realistic. The only audible would be the part where Yun Ho and I meet again. He is going to save me from hitting the floor.

“You’d better catch me,” I told him as we stood in position, awaiting the director’s instructions.

“How much do you weigh now?” he asked me.

“About 50kg,” I replied.

“Man…” he exclaimed, and I gave him an evil eye, “that’s not very heavy,” he finished, laughing, and I laughed with him.

“I bet you’re only like, 10kg heavier than me,” I said.

“I’m not 19 anymore, Sierra. I weigh more than that now,” he said.

It’s true that they’ve all put on some healthy weight in these past years. They no longer looked painfully thin like they used to back in the first 3 years. They had more muscle and built now, and they looked much healthier.

“Yea… I realized how much chunkier you look lately,” I giggled, and he gave me a pained expression.

“Places everyone!” the assistant director shouted, and we stood in line.

I’m supposed to be in line at a cafe, waiting to order my drink. The guy in front nearly hits me with his tray and I move back, losing my balance. Someone catches me and when he’d helped me up.

Sierra: Komapseumnida…

I turn around and find that it’s Yun Ho.

Yun Ho: Hello Sierra.

Sierra: Ah… hello…

Yun Ho: It’s Yun Ho.

Cashier: Miss? Your order?

Sierra: Choesonghamnida…

I smile and bow a little at Yun Ho and turn to place my order.

“Cut!” the director yelled to indicate the end of the scene.

The next scene shows me and Yun Ho having coffee together and some lighthearted conversation. This next dialogue will be audible.

Sierra: Wow… I look like your ex-girlfriend? That’s a little hard to believe.

Yun Ho: We can always go back to the cemetery, and I’ll prove it to you.

Sierra: That’s okay. I’ll take your word for it.

Yun Ho: Komawo.

Sierra: It must have been painful, then. Losing the one you love.

Yun Ho: The pain dulls eventually (stirs his coffee). So where’s your boyfriend?

Sierra: Boyfriend?

Yun Ho: That guy you were with at the cemetery.

Sierra: Oh… Jung Su oppa? He’s my cousin. We were visiting my mother’s grave.

Yun Ho: So you don’t have a boyfriend?

Sierra: Opseumnida.

I smile at him, and he smiles back, and the music is supposed to continue from here.


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yingling: If you read the intro of Ice Box, you will find that I'd written it after being inspire by the concept of this MV. I came up with the MV concept sometime ago, and decided to write a fic to sort of document it, and it helps me to lay it out and elaborate on it for MKR ^_^

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