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Chapter 111: Cyber Love

The 4 of us looked at each other when we heard Isak’s question. We were racking our brains trying to think of the right answer to her question when Isak spoke.

Isak: Sierra… could this song be inspired by your breakup with Yun Ho? The fact that he was gone for so long, and you’ve now ended up with Jae Joong?

Sierra: Gosh, Isak… that was so long ago. That definitely wasn’t the inspiration for this song.

Isak: But it feels like they’re related… the song and the incident.

Hee Chul: I think all of us have a relationship that had ended and we’d move on. It’s unhealthy to dwell on it, and experts have said that for relationships, not including marriage, one should take about 3 months to mourn, then you move on.

Isak: Really?

Hee Chul: Yep.

Isak: So when did you go through such a relationship, Hee Chul?

Hee Chul: I guess you can say that I went through this with most of my failed relationships. Most people do. You end it or the other person ends it when there’s nothing left to salvage, and you move on. And if you love the person, you might wait for awhile, hopeful, but as time passes, you’ll realize you can’t keep waiting. This is what ‘Waiting for You’ is about.

Shoei: Well put, Hee Chul, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Isak: So what’s happening after today? Where is S-Cube and Hee Chul headed?

Skye: I’ll be leaving for Taipei again, and Shoei back to Tokyo.

Hee Chul: I’ll be emceeing and working on more projects with Super Junior.

Sierra: And I will be preparing for my collaboration with Yun Ho, and I’ll be counting on your support when our single is launched.

Isak: We’re all looking forward to it. Are you going to let us in on the project today?

Sierra: You’ll be seeing some promotional videos on the television soon, so look out for them.

Isak: We will… What about Skye? Tell us more about your music program with Vanness Wu.

Skye: Well… it’s really been a challenge so far… living in a country where I hardly speak the language, but thankfully Vanness has been around to help me. He’s been a very good mentor.

Isak: I can imagine that Vanness had the same problem as you did when he first came to South Korea to work with Kangta.

Skye: Yes… he’s told me about the stuff he went through while in Korea, but I think he adapted pretty well, and I’m learning from him… how to adapt in Taiwan.

Isak: That’s great. What about you, Shoei? I bet you enjoy being back in Japan.

Shoei: Well… Tokyo isn’t really my home…

Isak: Ah yes… you’re from Kyoto.

Shoei: Right… but it still feels like being home, eating the food and speaking the language. Even the city smells different.

Isak: Smells different?

Shoei: It’s a quirky thing… but I always think that different places have a different odor in the air.

Isak: So what does Seoul smell like?

Shoei: I really can’t describe it… (laughs)

Isak: We heard you’re in Mika Nakashima’s new video…

Shoei: Yes…

Isak: How did it feel like, meeting her?

Shoei: I was a little awestruck, since she’s pretty famous, and she’s very talented and beautiful.

Isak: And your role is only to appear in the PV?

Shoei: Yes, and I’ve also been requested to attend the premier of her new album since I’m starring in the PV with her.

Isak: And this PV is scheduled for release next week?

Shoei: Yes, and I’ll be flying back to Tokyo in 2 days, in time for the release.

Isak: Would you consider going back to Japan as a singer someday? When your S-Cube days are over?

Shoei: We don’t even know for sure when S-Cube will be over. Better still, we hope that S-Cube will always exist, because nuna, Skye and I love being together as S-Cube

Sierra & Skye: Ne!

Hee Chul: Me too! (everyone laughs)

Isak: Hee Chul… you’ve been so quiet that we’ve almost forgotten about you.

Hee Chul: I was just being polite.

Isak: So what was it like for you, Hee Chul? To work with S-Cube.

Hee Chul: Enlightening…

Isak: How so? I know that Super Junior, TVXQ and S-Cube hang out together very often, so how it felt to be working with friends.

Hee Chul: We like to call ourselves family… (smiling) because at SM… most of us in SM, and you should know since you were also from SM… we’re really close-knit and we take care of each other. So I’d say that our relationship is like the kind siblings have.

Skye: Except for Jae Joong hyung and nuna… cos if they were siblings… (laughs loudly)

Hee Chul: We don’t wanna imagine that, Skye (rolls eyes)

Skye: Well… these things do happen…

Hee Chul: On KBS dramas they do… in real life… I’m not so sure.

Sierra: Yah… keumanhae… the two of you are taking up all the airtime with your squabbling.

Isak: So are you always the mother of the group during this whole collaboration project, Sierra?

Hee Chul: I’d say she was mostly an ajumma, more than a mother.

Isak: What’s the difference?

Shoei: A mother is more nurturing, and an ajumma just nags.

Sierra: Are you saying my nagging are for no good reason?

Skye: We all have our reasons… (winks)

Sierra: Watch it, kid…

Isak: Alright… let’s keep the family feud off camera (laughing). So do you guys have any future projects planned? Will we be seeing another collaboration between S-Cube and Hee Chul?

Sierra: Well… Hee Chul is a very talented rapper, and also a talented singer. Perhaps in our next collaboration, he can sing instead.

Skye: And I’ll rap!

Isak: Hee Chul?

Hee Chul: It was a pleasure, and a great experience working with S-Cube. They’re all talented singers and people with great character and caliber.

Sierra: Aww… Hee Chul… (reaches out to pat Hee Chul on the head)

Hee Chul: And despite us having our occasional disagreements and the times we annoy each other… I do hope that we will be able to work together again.

Skye: Group hug! (pulls everyone together; S-Cube and Hee Chul hug)

Isak: Aww… you guys are so sweet.

Shoei: We’re always sweet… (smiles)

Isak: Well… thank you for you time. It has been a great interview session.

S-Cube & Hee Chul: Ne!

Isak: Say goodbye everyone…

All: Annyeong! (waves)

“Phew…” Skye said. “That’s over.”

“Was it so difficult?” Isak laughed.

“No… but I was pretty tired already, and I had to be extra perky for the camera.”

“Yea… we could tell you were overdoing it for the camera,” Shoei said.

“Chintcha? Was it that obvious?” Skye asked and we all nodded solemnly.

“Let’s go,” Shoei yawned.

“See ya, Isak,” Hee Chul said.

“See ya,” Isak replied.

“Bye…” Skye and I said as we walked out.

“Bye,” she smiled and waved as we left.

After dinner, the guys decided to follow me back to TVXQ’s apartment. Initially they’d wanted to drop me off and head home, but decided to come along just for the heck of it. I punched in the code to unlock the door and stepped back so that the guys could barge in before me.

Skye rushed in and dived onto the couch, landing on top of Yoo Chun.

“What the hell…” Yoo Chun exclaimed.

“Yah!” Jun Su yelled and the both of them pushed Skye off the couch, onto the floor.

“Yah… appuh!” Skye whined.

“Hi kids,” I said as I walked in and stopped by the fray Skye had created in the living room. “Where’s appa?”

“In the workroom,” Jun Su laughed. “Hyung!” he greeted Hee Chul as Hee Chul plopped down on the armchair beside the couch.

“What are you guys watching?” Shoei asked as he leant onto the back of the sofa with his arms hanging over Jun Su and Yoo Chun, and his chin on top of the sofa.

“We got a new DVD today,” Jun Su said.

“Where’s Chang Min?” Skye asked.

“Playing some online game in the workroom,” Yoo Chun said.

I walked down the corridor outside their rooms and opened the door to the workroom discreetly. Yun Ho and Jae Joong both had their headphones on and were glued to their computer screens. I tiptoed behind Jae Joong and tapped him on the shoulder before ducking out of sight so that he couldn’t find me.

“What?” Jae Joong said as he turned to look at Yun Ho.

Yun Ho turned around and looked at Jae Joong with a puzzled expression.


“You tapped me,” Jae Joong said, and that’s when I came out of hiding.

“I didn’t,” Yun Ho said with a straight face, even when he saw me. “She did,” he said in a creepy voice, and he pointed at me.

Jae Joong practically jumped out of his skin when he realized I was there.

“Hi honey,” I said, and I hugged him.

“Yah… michoso… the both of you nearly scared me to death!” he exclaimed. “She did…” he imitated Yun Ho’s tone.

“I thought you’d guess it was her,” Yun Ho laughed.

“I was so disorientated from focusing on the screen… you think my brain would work that fast?”

“Aaa… Chagiya… mianhae…” I said sweetly as I massaged his shoulder.

“Is that all I get? A massage?” he smiled cheekily.

“I think I’ll leave you guys alone,” Yun Ho said and he stood up to walk out of the room.

As he opened the door, we heard a shriek.

“Who was that?” Jae Joong said, surprised.

“I’ll find out,” Yun Ho laughed as he closed the door.

As soon as the door closed, Jae Joong pulled me into his lap and hugged me.

“Pogoshipo…” he sighed.

“Are you sure? I thought you were busy having fun while I was gone,” I said.

“I had fun… but I still missed you.”

“Kojimal…” I said as I pretended to stab his eyes.

“Chintcharo… I wouldn’t lie to you. I’m afraid of getting killed.”

“You’d better be afraid,” I laughed, and leaned in to kiss him.

“Did you miss me?” he asked when we pulled apart.

“I’ll tell you later,” I smiled, and he frowned at me, then pretend to shove me off his lap. “Hajima…” I giggled, and he laughed with me.

“You’re torturing me from the moment you come back.”

“Isn’t that my job?” I smiled. “I’m gonna go shower and go to bed,” I yawned.

“I need to finish up here. See you in a bit,” he said as he tilted his head up, and I leant down for a kiss.

“Don’t be late,” I said as I walked out.

“Araso…” he smiled.


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i agree with you Danita ^^ except that it's morning here now XD
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anyway, it's a really nice chapter, thank you Sierra ^*^

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It was sweet when Sierra and JaeJoong finally met again at night! Haha guess they must miss each other eh? ^___^ And fancy YunHo to scare JaeJoong together with Sierra! LOL~ XDDD Could totally imagine JaeJoong's terrified expression!

Just thought YunHo was being really understanding to give them private time~! I find myself harping on the fact that YunHo is such a poor thing having to cope with Sierra and JaeJoong together before him, but no matter what I still feel for him! Maybe listening to "Waiting for You" will help? Haha...But I guess he's slowly walking out of it already =) Which is good!

Enough blabber from me! Hee lookin' forward to your next update =D

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