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Chapter 114: Red Angel

The interview progressed on with questions that both Eoduun Cheonsa and I answered, and finally, the show drew to a close.

“We’ve had a wonderful time talking to you girls,” Choi Na Yung said. “We look forward to seeing you on the show again.”

“Ne,” all of us replied.

“Any last words?” she asked as she looked at all of us.

“We just want to say thank you to everyone who are here to share this debut performance of ours today. We hope that our performance was satisfactory, and that everyone here would be interested in knowing more about us, and will support us when our first single is out,” Sylvia said.

“Don’t worry, Sylvia. I think after today, Eoduun Cheonsa will have a new legion of fans,” Choi Na Yung said, and the audience clapped. “Hae Rin?”

“Well… same here. Please support my new single,” I laughed. “I’ve worked hard on something new to present to my fans, and I hope everyone likes it.”

“Thank you, Hae Rin,” Choi Na Yung said. “And now… to wrap up the show, the performance we’ve been waiting for… Hae Rin’s new single. What is it called?”

“It’s called ‘In the Dark’,” I replied as I got up.

“If you would just get ready at the stage,” she said as she gestured towards the performance stage.

“Ne,” I replied as I walked towards the stage where it was already dimmed and the dancers were already lined up, ready to start.

“Yeoreobun, this is Hae Rin with her latest single, and you’re hearing it first on Cho Sarang. Put your hands together for ‘In the Dark’.”

A mid-tempo beat started and the dancers and I started moving to the music. As the intro music bars almost ended, I stepped up front to sing the first line.

I cry in the silence of the night,
In the darkness of our room,
So afraid I’d wake you.

Have my tears made me seem weak in your eyes,
Do you now see me as less of a prize,
Have I become a burden to you

What made us what we are today
Doesn’t seem like it’s there anymore
What fueled our passions before
Doesn’t seem like it exists anymore

In the night, in the dark
Tears fell freely, but I’m silently crying
In the night, in the dark
Emotions ran deeply, but muffled by my fears
I’m afraid that I’ll lose you

When it’s bright, I smile to you
I’ll never let you see that it pains me
When you pull your hand away

All this time, when you ask me if I’m alright
I’ll smile bravely
And say that I love you

The reason for us to be together
Doesn’t seem like it’s there, anymore
The thing we used to say to each other
Doesn’t come from within,
Is this how it will end

In the night, in the dark
Tears fell freely, but I’m silently crying
In the night, in the dark
Emotions ran deeply, but muffled by my fears
I’m afraid that I’ll lose you

In the night, in the dark
Tears fell freely, but I’m silently crying
In the night, in the dark
Emotions ran deeply, but muffled by my fears
I’m afraid that I’ll lose you

I struck my final pose as the song ended, and I actually received a standing ovation. The audience liked my new single, and I was relieved. I was actually so afraid that I couldn’t pull off this new image. I’d started off as the sweet ballad singing soloist, and with the collaboration with Sierra, they tested the fans’ reactions to a sexier image, then finally now, it’s a tougher image, even if the song is sad and was about vulnerability.

“Wow! Hae Rin… we’ve never seen you in such a powerful performance… I mean, physically powerful,” Choi Na Yung said.

“Komapseumnida,” I said as I bowed to the audience.

“Ye… thank you everyone for tuning in. It’s been a great show, and to top it off, we finished with a great performance from Hae Rin. Until next week, thank you for watching Cho Sarang… I’m Choi Na Yung, signing off… annyeong!” she waved to the audience and the theme of the show played as the set lights dimmed.

“Omigod!” Shin Hee exclaimed as soon as the show ended. “I was so nervous.”

“Great performance, Hae Rin,” Su Bin said as she walked towards me.

“You girls won’t too bad either,” I said.

“Su Bin… how can you not introduce us to Hae Rin,” Shin He said as she caught up with us.

“Didn’t Choi Na Yung introduce you already?” Su Bin said.

“That’s on the show… it’s different. Annyeong! I’m Shin Hee,” Shin Hee said as she held out her hand to me.

“Annyeong,” I smiled. “Hae Rin-imnida.”

“Hae Rin onni,” Shin Hee said, “Can I call you Hae Rin onni?”

“Sure… but am I older?” I asked her.

“You’re older,” Su Bin said.

“Hae Rin onni… you must teach me some of your moves,” Shin Hee said.

“Moves? I’m sure you girls learn way more than me. I’d just recently got back into dancing.”

“But your routine was perfect,” Shin Hee said.

“Come on girls. We’re gonna be late. Don’t wanna screw up our schedule,” Sylvia said as she cut past us.

“Aww…” Shin Hee pouted. “Bye onni,” she said as she waved at me.

“Bye,” I said.

“Bye, Hae Rin,” Su Bin said.

“Do you wanna meet up someday, for a drink?” I asked her.

“Sure,” she said.

“Give me your number,” I said as I took my phone from my PA and handed it to her so that she could punch in her number.

After she did, I saved the number in the phone under her name.

“Well… see ya,” she said.

“Alright… see ya,” I said as I took a step forward and gave her a quick hug.

I watched as Su Bin walked off with her band, and I suddenly felt a pang of loneliness. I didn’t realize how much I missed having a close friend to talk to. I still remember when Su Bin left; it was about the same time when I moved out of the trainees’ hostel and was leaving to train in America. I knew that she was changing companies, but she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone else which company she was going to until her debut.

“Take care, Hae Rin,” she told me as she stood at the door with her suitcase. “You’re gonna make it big, I know it.”

“How do you know?” I said, and tears were already prickling my eyes.

“You look like you will, and anyone can see it,” she said. “Ignore those people who are jealous of your success. Just remember you’re a star, and you have friends like me who will always be behind you.”

“Komawo,” I said as I hugged her tightly. “I’ll never forget you, Su Bin.”

“We’ll meet again… someday. And if I never make it, I hope that you will take time off your busy schedule to meet me whenever I call. Ne?” she said.

“I will,” I promised, but she never called and I didn’t either.

A year had gone by, and so much had happened during that time. So much that I’d almost forgotten about her, until I saw her today. Now that we’re in rival companies, would our friendship be as strong, or we’d end up as just acquaintances?

[Su Bin’s POV]

I walked away from Hae Rin, and I didn’t turn back. I doubt that she would call me. After all, she’s a huge star now, and I’m just beginning. Plus, we’re from rival companies.

“Su Bin,” Puri said as she tapped my head with the tag she was wearing as we were traveling to the next destination in our van.

“Ya… why did you hit me for?” I asked her.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for about 5 minutes,” Puri snapped.

I rolled my eyes at her. She was always snapping at people for little things. I guess that was why she earned her nickname and now stage name, Puri.

“What is it?” I asked her.

“You really think that Hae Rin will call you?” she asked me, and I could detect the sting in her voice.

“I don’t know. We’ll see,” I said, and just as I said it, my phone rang. “Yeoboseyo,” I answered it.

“It’s me, Hae Rin,” Hae Rin said.

“Hae Rin,” I smiled to myself. “What’s up?”

“Just to check if it’s really your number,” she laughed.

“Well, it isn’t,” I joked.

“Just wanted you to have my number too. Call me when you have time for a drink,” she said.

“I think it’s you who would be busier,” I said.

“Whoever is, let’s just make it a point to call each other, ne?” she said.

“Araso,” I replied.

“I’ve got to go now,” she said.

“Sure. Bye,” I said.


“Was that really Hae Rin?” Shin Hee said as soon as I hung up.

“Yep,” I said.

“So you weren’t making it up,” Puri smirked.

“What’s your problem, Puri?” I asked her.

“Ya… keuman,” Sylvia said. “Stop dissing people, Puri.”

“Who made you the queen?” Puri said.

“I’m not the queen, but I’m your leader,” Sylvia said and Puri just put on her earphones and ignored her.

We arrived at our next destination, the radio station, for our interview on ‘Hot This Second’ with DJ Seung Ho and at the moment, Darren oppa is still hosting it with him.

“Oppa!” Puri threw herself at Darren oppa as soon as we walked into the broadcasting room.

Darren oppa and I have been dating secretly since my 6th month in DSP, after a training session that Eoduun Cheonsa had with Helix. Up till now, I’ve never really understood why he’d date someone like me, since I’d always thought that Puri was more of his type, but he’d persisted, and I wasn’t one to argue when a hot, rising star wants to date me.

“Oppa,” the rest of us greeted him.

“Aren’t you having fun, Darren?” DJ Seung Ho teased him. “All your little sisters are here.”

“Yea… don’t get jealous, Seung Ho,” Darren said.

“Oppa… let’s go for coffee later,” Puri said.

“I’m busy,” he said. “Some other day,” and when he said that, he looked at me briefly.

Even though it was a millisecond, I could feel the intensity of his gaze. Maybe it’s just because I was smitten with him, but he affected me very easily, and I struggled to act nonchalant since the girls were around.

“How are you, Su Bin?” he asked me, and I knew he was teasing me.

“I’m fine,” I replied.

“Oppa!” Shin Hee cut in. “Did you know that Su Bin is friends with Hae Rin?”

“Really,” he said as he looked at me meaningfully.

“She even has her number,” Shin Hee added, enthusiastically.

I’d not told him much about my past in SM, and I had a feeling that I was up for an interrogation at our next rendezvous.


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