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Chapter 115: La Noche Bonita

[Eoduun Cheonsa’s Interview on Hot This Second / Darren’s POV]

Seung Ho: Good day, good day… how’s everyone. This is DJ Seung Ho.

Darren: And this is DJ Darren, and you’re listening to…

Seung Ho & Darren: Hot This Second!

Darren: Today we have some really special guests… beautiful ones too.

Seung Ho: Ne… you’ve probably heard the buzz all week, and you’re wondering how beautiful they would sound, live on the radio. Say ‘Hello’ to DSP’s upcoming sensations… Eoduun Cheonsa!

Eoduun Cheonsa: Annyeong haseyo… urineun Eoduun Cheonsa-imnida.

(all cheer)

Darren: Yep… Eoduun Cheonsa in the house. How about each of you giving a little introduction?

Sylvia: Annyeong haseyo. Sylvia-imnida.

Shin Hee: Annyeong! Shin Hee-imnida.

Su Bin: Annyeong haseyo… nan Su Bin-imnida.

Puri: Annyeong haseyo… Puri-imnida.

Seung Ho: You hear that? You hear that, Darren…

Darren: What? What?

Seung Ho: Voices of angels…

(all laughing)

Shin Hee: Seung Ho oppa... hajima… you’re embarrassing us.

Darren: Ya… don’t flirt with my little sisters.

Seung Ho: Ye… ye… I’ve almost forgotten that you’re from DSP too, Darren. So did you guys ever train together?

Darren: We did… on several occasions.

Seung Ho: Who was your best friend?

Darren: Ya… Seung Ho. I’m not the guest here. This segment today is not about me. It’s about these beautiful ladies here.

Seung Ho: Oh yes… choesonghamnida. I was so intent on getting Darren to dish the dirt that I’d almost forgotten that I should get them straight from the ladies. So tell us a little bit about the band. Who’s the leader?

Puri: Sylvia is.

Seung Ho: Any particular reason? Did you hold a poll or something?

Su Bin: Sylvia here has been training for years with Bros Entertainment in America, she speaks Korean, English and Spanish, and we’re all learning Chinese. Out of all of us, she’s the smartest, and the most articulate.

Sylvia: Come on, guys… you’re exaggerating my abilities.

Shin Hee: No we’re not. And she’s the best dancer and singer among us. That’s why she’s leader.

Darren: A very heavy burden you carry, Sylvia. (laughing)

Sylvia: They’re making such a big deal out of it. All of us are equally talented, just that we were all brought up differently.

Seung Ho: Hey Darren, weren’t you brought up in America too?

Darren: I was… but again, Seung Ho… why are you talking about me?

Seung Ho: Mianhada… mianhada… you were saying, Sylvia.

Sylvia: Well… all the girls went through training like me, and I think they’re as talented. If they had the same learning opportunities as I did in America, I bet they would pick up everything I now know, easily. Ne?

Darren: I agree. And being brought up outside of South Korea isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Puri: Yea… sure… coming from the people who’ve lived abroad. Of course it’s not a big deal. To a girl from a small town in South Korea, it would be.

Darren: I can see this is a long, long topic to be discussed, but let’s not debate this now… Next question, Seung Ho.

Seung Ho: Ne… so we’re rather curious… why the name Eoduun Cheonsa? Isn’t it a bit dark? And you girls are fair. (laughs)

Darren: I don’t know this guy. Tsk tsk… where do you get your jokes from?

(all laugh)

Su Bin: It depends how you see it. We’re not dark as in evil… we’re just dark as in a more serious band, like… deeper. I think what Eoduun Cheonsa’s presence will do is that it will balance out things in the industry.

Darren: Really?

Shin Hee: Yea… cos everyone’s so bright and sweet and perky.

Seung Ho: Like you? (laughing)

Shin Hee: (giggles) Yea… like me. I mean… most of the bands have young, bubbly names, like Super Junior, or Xing. What we’re doing here is balancing things out. There will always be light and dark, good and bad… not to say who’s good or who’s bad.

Puri: So see us in whatever way you want, and eventually, you’ll see our purpose of existence, and you might even like it.

Darren: I bet we will… So tell us more about the concept of your debut single.

Sylvia: Concept… concept… what’s our concept?

Puri: I think the whole idea is that we’re something different. We’re serious musicians, like most of the kasu in the industry, but we also wanna have an appealing image, without pole dancing and dressing in bikinis.

(all laugh)

Seung Ho: Somehow I feel that Puri here is taking a swipe at another band.

Puri: I’m not… (smiles sweetly)

Darren: And the song… what’s the message of the song?

Sylvia: The song ‘Angels of the Night’ is an introduction to Eoduun Cheonsa, and it speaks of us being a new style and what we’re bringing to the audience, the listeners, and our fans.

Shin Hee: We’re asking for the world to accept us as we are, as something fresh and different.

Darren: Ne… So tell us more about yourselves… some personal details perhaps. Who’s the oldest?

Sylvia: I am.

Seung Ho: Aa… so that’s why you’re the leader.

Sylvia: Part of the reason.

Puri: I’m second.

Su Bin: Third!

Seung Ho: And as I’ve guessed, Shin Hee is the youngest.

Shin Hee: (giggles) Ne…

Darren: I used to think Su Bin was the youngest.

Su Bin: Why?

Darren: You looked so innocent the first time I saw you.

Shin Hee: And I don’t?

Darren: You do, Shin Hee, but maybe because I’ve seen you day in, day out for a few years, so when Su Bin joined DSP, she looked fresh to me.

Puri: Now he’s calling us hags…

Darren: Aigoo… anieyo…

Seung Ho: Age is a sensitive subject with women. But what’s this about Su Bin joining later?

Su Bin: I used to train with SM.

Seung Ho: Chongmal? Then why did you switch to DSP.

Su Bin: I was approached with an opportunity to debut within a year with a new band. So I decided to transfer my contract.

Seung Ho: Any regrets?

Su Bin: Nope. I’m having a great time with the rest of Eoduun Cheonsa.

Shin Hee: Awww… Su Bin… (reaches out to hug Su Bin).

Seung Ho: Shin Hee… don’t you have to address all 3 of them as ‘onni’?

Shin Hee: I do… but sometimes I don’t. It depends on my mood.

Puri: She just calls us by our names most of the time. Unless she wants something, then it’s ‘Puri onni’ or ‘Su Bin onni’, in that sweet voice of hers.

Seung Ho: Ah… the skill of manipulation.

Shin Hee: Shall I try it on you?

Seung Ho: No thank you. I would prefer to live another day.

(all laugh)

Darren: Seung Ho is very different today. He isn’t usually this excited and making lots of lame jokes.

Seung Ho: I am not lame…

Darren: Yea… keep telling yourself that… So… I think we should let everyone have a listen to what may be the hottest song of this second, if not this year. Would any of you beautiful ladies like to introduce it?

Sylvia: Ne… here is our debut single…

Puri: We hope that you will listen to it with an open mind and heart

Shin Hee: and give Eoduun Cheonsa a fair chance.

Su Bin: This is out debut single…

Eoduun Cheonsa: 'Angels of the Night'!

Seung Ho: Good job!

(all laugh as music starts to play)

I took off my headphones and stretched as the music played.

“Yah… what were you doing last night, you look so tired,” Seung Ho said as he nudged me.

“Just reading, and chillin’” I said, and then we heard a snort.

“Mian,” Su Bin said, and she faked a cough to try and cover up what she just did.

I’d forgotten that she was there, and that little lie about reading must’ve set her off.

“Oppa…” Puri purred as she sidled up to me.

“Waetto?” I asked her as I brushed her hands off me.

“Can we go out together tonight?”

“I’m busy, Puri,” I said in a non-committal tone.

“Oppa… this is like the 3rd time you’ve refused,” she whined.

I just didn’t get why Puri loved to latch on to me. I’d never shown her enough interest for her to be so smitten with me, but she just keeps coming. I sneaked a look at Su Bin, and I could tell she was pretending not to care, but probably annoyed with Puri.

“Puri… Darren oppa must be really busy. So can you stop pestering him?” Sylvia said.

Puri turned around and shot daggers at Sylvia with her eyes. It did feel like a battle was going on between the two since I could almost imagine Sylvia’s shields coming up to block Puri’s shots. I gave Sylvia a grateful smile, and she smiled back almost mechanically. Sometimes I find Sylvia too work-oriented. She’s trained most of her life, like these girls here, but somehow the outcome was an almost perfect performing machine… she turned on the warmth and friendliness when in the public eye, but behind the scenes, sadly… she was like a cold fish, which brings me to why I chose Su Bin.

Shin Hee was too childish for my tastes, and fate had it that I ended up having interest in Su Bin. She was cool, sweet and demure in front of others, but I knew her darker side. I’ve only seen it when we’re together, alone. Not to say she was sinister or anything… but she had the ability to be a good girl, and a bad girl when it suited her. Even if most people thought she was this naive girl from Taejeon.

Hae Rin… Su Bin never told me that she knew her. I’ll have to interrogate her the next time we meet.

The music soon ended, and we were back on air.

Seung Ho: That was Eoduun Cheonsa’s ‘Angels of the Night’. Was it good or what?

Darren: Ne… I could feel the heat just from listening to it… someone please get me a glass of iced water.

(all laugh)

Seung Ho: We wanna thank Eoduun Cheonsa for coming in and sharing their debut song with us today… Kamsahamnida…

Eoduun Cheonsa: Kamsahamnida…

Darren: Any last words to the listeners?

Sylvia: Not much… just a request that everyone give us a chance and we will continue proving that we are great singers and performers.

Darren: Alright… thank you for being here with us, ladies. Seung Ho and I had a wonderful time, didn’t we, Seung Ho?

Seung Ho: Yes we did… thank you ladies. We’ll see you next time.

Eoduun Cheonsa: Komapseumnida…

Seung Ho: To the listeners… we hope you had a great time today. Be sure to tune if for the next broadcast of Hot This Minute.

Darren: We have another beautiful and talented lady coming in to talk to us, and to dish the details of her life to you… who is she, Seung Ho?

Seung Ho: On the next broadcast of Hot This Minute, we have none other than the hot, hot Hae Rin.

Darren: So be sure you remember to tune in! This is DJ Darren.

Seung Ho: And this is DJ Seung Ho.

Darren & Seung Ho: Annyeong!


gwiazdka said...

i really hope that the 'dark side of Subin' strictly concern the relationship with Darren :P
haha, the interview was so funny, Seung Ho picking on Darren all the time xD

lanyh said...

very intersting interview.^^
Eodun Cheonsa is unique. Wonder if Darren is really serious with Su Bin or just want to have 'fun' with her .

Danita said...

I wonder about Darren's intentions too. He might as well have that take over the world laugh. Ah, I still love him and hate him. -_-

jishin said...

Ooh next chappie is gonna be real interesting! Hae Rin and Darren coming face to face with each other! So does that make him one step closer to achieving his agenda...crushing S-Cube? (Urm I think that's highly impossible though!) But he did manage to ruffle with Sierra the last time...I wonder if he's gonna target at Skye this time round?

Haha once again, I got carried away~! Anyway, update soon yeah?

FIGHTING~~~!!! ^0^

P.S. A pretty chapter title you have there by the way =)

Abby said...

hmm...Darren better keep his hands off Hae Rin and Skye...

i agree with jishin...really pretty chapter title!

시에라 (Sierra) said...

Dunno if Darren as interest in doing anything to Hae Rin =.=

The title? I think you guys have heard me mentioned before. All the titles of my chapters are actually titles of songs by TVXQ, FTTS and most recently, Shinhwa (since I'm starting to run out of choices). This chapter's title is a song in Lee Min Woo's latest album, Explore ^_^

When you see a really random chapter title, that's when I can't find a suitable song title to describe the chapter. Hahahaha~!

stephie said...

The interview is so cute! Darren darren, what is he up to!?!? Why is he so interested in HaeRin? Is it because the connection to Sierra. Hmmm.. or he's just into making another chaos.
Puri is rather annoying. Haha. But I liked her name though. Sounds pretty.

시에라 (Sierra) said...

stephie: What is Darren up to? Hmmm... I wouldn't be too worried that he is interested in Hae Rin. I guess he just seemed interested because it was an information he'd not known about Su Bin.

Puri means fire. Nice name? Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

hey there.. im not a fan of any korean popstars etc, maybe thats why im not very into all the interviews.. but i like your work. great story line, hope you can develop it more !

all the best

시에라 (Sierra) said...

Hey there anonymous! ^^ Maybe next time you'd like to leave a name or pseudonym so that I can identify you... if there is a next comment ;)

Thanks for the compliments... regretfully... I mostly write about Korean pop stars or fictional Korean pop stars. But I hope you will keep reading, and I will keep doing my best. Thanks for taking the time to read! And commenting! These are the things that keep me going whenever I feel tired :D