Thursday, 1 March 2007

Chapter 64: Remember

I woke up hours later to find Skye and Hae Rin making out on the couch.

“Ahem…” I cleared my throat and they jumped apart, startled.

“Nuna,” Skye mumbled.

“You guys look busy,” I teased.

“Uhm…” Hae Rin mumbled this time.

“Are we having dinner together?” I asked them.

“Are you cooking?” Skye’s eyes suddenly perked up.

“I guess I could,” I shrugged.

“Great!” Skye exclaimed.

For some reason, Skye loved my cooking; after Jae Joong’s of course. I wasn’t a great cook but I could manage the simply Chinese and Korean dishes. Maybe it’s because all he could manage to cook was soggy ramen. I peeked at the fridge to check if we had everything we needed.

“Skye,” I looked up and called out from the kitchen. “We’ve run out of eggs, and we need cabbage. Can you run to the store?”

“Okay,” he answered, and I could hear him picking up his keys. “Hae Rin’s coming with me,” he said.

“Araso,” I answered, and I heard the front door close.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was about 5pm. I’d actually slept the entire day. I went to my room to get my mobile phone to call Jae Joong; he should’ve reached home by now. He answered after 2 rings.

“Wassup!” he said. He sounded happy. He must be having a good time.

“I slept the entire day,” I exclaimed.

“I know. I was waiting for you to call.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?” I asked him.

“Why would I wake the sleeping beauty with a phone call?” he said. “I should come over and wake her with a kiss.”

“So why didn’t you?” I smiled to myself.

“You woke up before I could get there,” he laughed.

“Tsk… tsk… excuses,” I said.

“So what are you up to?”

“Waiting for Skye to come back from the store. I’m cooking dinner.”

“You are?”

“Yes… since you’re not here to cook it for me.”

“Yah… you think I’m your personal chef?”

“Aren’t you?”

“Ne… mian. I’ll cook you a feast when I get back,” he laughed.

“You’d better,” I threatened half-heartedly.

“So is everyone happy to see you?”

“Yep. But they’re also asking for you.”

“Jae Joong…” I sighed.

“Yes… I’ll stop bringing it up.”

“Thank you.”

“Pogoshipo,” he said.

“I miss you too,” I replied, and I kissed the mouthpiece on my phone.

We talked on the phone until Skye and Hae Rin came back from the store.

“I’ve got to go. They’re back,” I said.

“Hyung!” Skye yelled from behind me as he walked past with the bags of groceries.

“Say ‘Hi!’ to Skye for me,” Jae Joong said.


“I’ll call you later tonight,” he said. “Saranghae.”

“Saranghae,” I replied and Skye started making kissing sounds. “Yah!” I yelled at him. “You want me to tell everyone what I caught you doing?”

“What did he do?” Jae Joong asked in a curious and excited tone.

“Nothing that we wouldn’t,” I said meaningfully.

“Yah! Nuna!” Skye yelled in embarrassment.

“Talk to you later,” I said and I hung up.

I cooked, we had dinner, and after that, Skye sent Hae Rin home.

I decided to do some much overdue spring cleaning in my room, since it’s been ages since I threw out anything. My room was starting to resemble a rubbish tip; old receipts, shopping bags, clothes I didn’t wear anymore, and the list continues.

While sifting through my stack of receipts from my many shopping trips, I found a box I’d abandoned long ago. A box that held memories of Yun Ho and I. There were the tickets to our first movie together, cards he’s given me, little trinkets, photos and more. The only present from him I’d kept in sight was the stuffed penguin he’d given me on our first date. It sat on my dresser.

I picked up a photo taken from his 22nd birthday party. We had our arms around each other as we smiled for the camera. Yun Ho had cream smeared all over his face, courtesy of the boys’ craziness. They’d shoved his face into the cake. Looking at the photo brought back memories of the afternoon we’d spent together before the party that night. We were in my living room, sitting side by side on the sofa.

I put down the book I was reading to look at him. He was lying on the sofa with his feet on my lap, listening to his mp3 player. He was bopping his head and his body swayed a little as if he were imagining the choreography in his head, which he probably was. I leaned over him and gently tugged one of the earplugs out of his ear, and he looked up at me in surprise.

“Waegeurae?” he said.

“Just wanted your attention,” I said, as I pushed his leg off my lap. I lay down beside him and curled myself up against him, and he put one arm under my neck and the other automatically came to run through my hair. I closed my eyes to savour his touch.

“Ya… do you know what day today is?” he asked me.

“Dunno,” I said innocently.

“You don’t know, or you don’t remember?” he asked.

“Hmm… it depends. Remind me,” I smiled.

“Get up,” he said as he stood up and pulled me onto my feet.

He shoved one of the earplugs into my ear so that I could hear the song he was listening to, then he pulled me close and put his arms around me and we swayed to the music together. ‘Tattoo’, one of my favourite songs by Clazziquai, was playing.

“So what’s up with today?” I whispered into his ear.

He pulled away and frowned at me.

“You’re so gonna get it,” he growled, and I giggled.

“I really don’t remember,” I said in a ditzy tone, as I attempted to look cute.

“This might help,” he said, and he pulled me close until our bodies were up against each other, then he kissed me. Whenever he kissed me, my heart would race, my head would spin, and I would feel a heat spread out across my body.

We pulled away, and he looked into my eyes with an intense expression.

“You remember now?” he asked.

“I need one more,” I said, and moved in to kiss him again.

“Now?” he asked, as we pulled away.

“Yea… saengil ch’uk’ahae,” I said, and he smiled.

I touched the photo, tracing my fingers across Yun Ho’s face. He’ll always be in my heart, my first Korean romance. I don’t think I can ever forget him, as much as I want to, for Jae Joong’s and my sake.

I finished hauling out my last bag of rubbish by 10pm. After dumping them in the garbage disposal area, I went back to my room and picked up the box with my memories of Yun Ho. I climbed up the chair and put it on top of my closet. I didn’t have the heart to throw it away. I climbed down and dusted off my pants; time for a shower.

After showering, I sat down in front of my laptop and turned it on. Skye hadn’t come home yet. He must still be with Hae Rin. I am actually feeling more and more relieved that they have such a good relationship. Skye’s happy, and I don’t need to worry about Hae Rin’s intentions towards Jae Joong any longer. Let’s hope everything remains as perfect as it is now.

My Yahoo! Messenger logged on, and I saw that Jae Joong was online.

Sierra: Yah!

JJ-Kim: Waegeurae?

Sierra: Why aren’t you in bed?

JJ-Kim: Why haven’t you called me?

Sierra: Aren’t you supposed to call me?

JJ-Kim: Was I?

Sierra: *walks away*

JJ-Kim: Ya… dun be angry…

Sierra: Miweo…

JJ-Kim: *hugs*

Sierra: ^^p

JJ-Kim: Have you showered?

Sierra: Ne, oma…

JJ-Kim: So have I… ^^

Sierra: Who asked? ^^p

JJ-Kim: T_T You’re mean…

Sierra: Haha! Don’t try to act cute with me… it doesn’t work.

JJ-Kim: *sighs* You’re no fun ^^p

Sierra: Whoever said I was?

Sierra: I never said I was fun…

JJ-Kim: Aissshhhiii…

Sierra: *hugs* Saranghae!

JJ-Kim: Sometimes I just can’t keep up with your multiple personalities.

Sierra: No one asked you to. You just need to love me.

JJ-Kim: And I do…

Sierra: *swoons*

JJ-Kim: ROFL ^^;

Sierra: Pogoshipda… when are you coming back?

JJ-Kim: The day after tomorrow. I still need to visit my birth mother.

Sierra: You’re such a good son. I think no girl can marry you unless she can handle having 2 mothers-in-law.

JJ-Kim: You really think that would be a factor for my future wife to consider?

Sierra: Yep…

JJ-Kim: Is that why you refused to marry me?

Sierra: Aniyo…

JJ-Kim: Then?

Sierra: I told you I’m not ready.

JJ-Kim: Then all the things you just said. Are they stuff you’ve thought of before?

Sierra: They’ve crossed my mind. But they’re not the reasons I don’t want to marry you.

JJ-Kim: Don’t want to marry me ever… or don’t want to marry me yet?

Sierra: Yet…

JJ-Kim: Araso… ^^ I’ll just wait then.

Sierra: *hugs & kisses* Komawo…

JJ-Kim: But remember…

Sierra: Huh? What?

JJ-Kim: Don’t make me wait too long.

Sierra: Nae…

JJ-Kim: My sister’s calling for me… we’re going for a midnight snack.

Sierra: Don’t get fat! ^^;

JJ-Kim: I never do… *smirks*

Sierra: Hmmmph!!!

JJ-Kim: G’nite! *hugs & kisses*

Sierra: G’nite!

JJ-Kim: Saranghae…

Sierra: Saranghae…

JJ-Kim has signed out

I shut off my laptop and crawled into bed. It was almost 12am and Skye wasn’t home yet. He should’ve told me if he was spending the night at Hae Rin’s. Then again, didn’t she live in the hostels, they wouldn’t allow guys in. I yawned. The day’s nap had not been sufficient. I turned off the lights and slowly drifted off to sleep. Sometime later, I was awoken by the sound of Skye jingling his keys as he walked past my door.


KRii said...

i think theres a reason for sierra to wake up because of skye's keys.
why else would that be part of it?
maybe somethings happened.
... or maybe its just me. haha.

the online conversation. lol
so cute. c(=

sierra shouldn't worry too much about forgetting yunho.
he's a part of her memory, after all.
if i were her, i wouldn't want to forget him. =P
but it's cute how she keeps a box of memories of himm xDD

it's weird, instead of saying "you" i just say "sierra" lol.
i'm confused as to which on i should say though. @.@
post soon. ^^

Sierra said...

You can say 'you'... haha... cos I'm very in character when I write it... hahaha! How I wish it were all true... T_T

MANDY said... think about yunho!!
because you got....ME~~!

hahah jokes jokes!!

hmmmp i just left you 5 comments
now i have to do it again!!!