Thursday, 29 March 2007

IT'S ON!!!


Just a quick announcement... I'm now in the running for that online competition SM is having:



Those who are able to, please support me by commenting or voting or whatever... I think voting by Netizens start on April 10. To comment, just key in whatever name you wanna be, and a password, type comment, and submit. Remember the password, in case you wanna edit or delete your comment later.

Also... I've submitted my video for an online dance competition on Daum.

Click on the 'thumbs up' icon to vote if you think I'm good. Haha! And if you have an account with Daum, you can even comment.

That's all from me... wish me luck... and support me if you can!!! Thanks everyone!!! Mwaaahhh!!!

1 comment:

Lilly said...

whaa sierra your so cool lol. meh wish i knew korean, cause then i could tell that tekken guy to shut up lol. anyways all of us here will support you so jai-you jai-you! ^^