Monday, 12 March 2007

Omo!!! I must be famous!!!

Thanks lene!!!

If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have known I was being plagiarized. To think people thought so highly of my fiction. Hahaha!

For those interested in 'thanking' this person for publicising my story, please visit:

Apparently, S-Cube is now made up of Skye, Shoei and Boora. Haha! She is said to be 16, but somehow in the story is described as being older than TVXQ. Hahaha! Darling... you are priceless... ^^

Go quick... before the plagiarizer does something like delete everything... T_T

*waves to the plagiarizer* Yo!!! Hellooo!!! I know you're gonna read this!!! I love you!!! Hahaha!


lene said...

hahaha. you are welcome.

that person obviously didn't plan before posting it. so many glitches/loopholes ! LOL.

Sierra said...

I'm kinda wondering now... where is this plagiarizer from???

I see so many readers on my tracker. Some who spend hours and hours on my site each day, which is totally abnormal. Which one is the plagiarizer??? :P

pink said...'re one weird girl!
I actually thought that it was you but 'anonymous'?

but can you request to have the name changed back to Sierra??

Boora is just so.....wrong *oops*
there's no 'S' in where does S-cube come from?!

*smiles... to plagiariser: good effort though, but should have said that it wasn't yours*
- at least you chose a GREAT one to plagiarise ^^P

fRoStEd-XiNg said...

hahahha!! to think such a thing can even happen.... terrible.. hahaha!

GOT MANDY? ^^ said...

hahah yo plagiarzied...michoso!!
wow i cant believe it
haha boora doesnt go with s-cube dude!

Lilly said...


must people copy people's hard and brilliant work and say it's their own =/ (well in this case anonymous -.-)

and out of all the names in the world, why boora?! lol
it don't fit in, -.-

KRii said...

OMG!! a plagiarizer?!
Sierra you must feel proud that this fic is so good that someone would go through the trouble of reposting it while changing the name to Boora HAHA
btw. Boora? ...... rriiigghhht.

dude i reaalllyy want the plagiarizer to post here! xD

Loubna said...

I was so chocked when I checked out the link! How a person can be so gross, i mean, it is so upseting!
I think the person is from canada since it was refered in the beginning of the story.. so cruel

Anyway WE know who the real genius is so don't worry, i will certainly go and post a comment saying things to make him or her feel embarassed ;-)

Fighting onni!!

natalie said...

haha wow sierra i think you should be proud!your work is so good that someone actually plagiarised it..woot!

but to that anonymous person..come up with your own story!!don't copy other pple's's not nice!taking other pple's hard work and making it your own..aiish..nasty!