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Chapter 11: Rising Sun

After watching the cars pull away, Jae Joong and I walked back to our rooms to prepare for our MV shooting. We arrived at the shoot location at about lunch time. We ate the packed lunch they’d prepared before going for hair, makeup and changing into our costume. Packed lunch, not as glamorous as you thought, eh?

The wardrobe team dressed me in a peacock green crepe flowing skirt that ended at my ankles and a thin, white peasant blouse with some sort of lacing in the front. It was a very demure costume. For S-Cube’s MV, I had skin peeking out here and there. Jae Joong was dressed in an off-white long-sleeved button down shirt with the sleeves folded up a little and a pair of dark grey, faded jeans.

“Oooh, very spiffy,” I said as Jae Joong walked out of the trailer.

“And you look like such a good girl,” he laughed.

I pouted and said, “Yah!! I’m always a good girl, okay?”

“As if,” he laughed and ran away as I chased after him, threatening to thump him with my fists.

The first scene saw me and Jae Joong walking hand in hand along the windy, rocky hills overlooking the sea. Jae Joong was supposed to steal glances at me whenever I wasn’t looking. Then when we reached edge of the rocks, hovering over the sea, Jae Joong put his arm around me and pulled me close, I leaned on his shoulders as we watched the sun set. The final scene was of me and Jae Joong hugging on the cliff with the sea as the backdrop. Sounds easy right?

NGs for the day:
When we were walking hand in hand; the wind was so strong that a bug flew into my eye. There was a commotion for about 15 minutes as they saw to my eye, which ended up being so red that we had to take a break until the redness went away.

When my eye got better, we shot the scene again. This time, I stepped on Jae Joong’s pants, since we were walking too close, and he tripped. Luckily, he didn’t get any cuts or bruises, since we were still on grassy ground, or his fans would murder me.

As we started to walk on the rocky parts, my heels started giving me problems. I was walking too slowly and ruined the tempo. Darn them, they’d to let me wear these shoes just so the shoot would look good. We had to reshoot the scene and I had to try to walk a bit faster and wobble less.

But that wasn’t the end. Because I was struggling, Jae Joong kept looking back at me to make sure I didn’t fall.

The director yelled, “Cut!!” and he told Jae Joong that he was supposed to look back a few times but not that often.

When we finally reached the cliff, the next few scenes were perfect. We finally found our chemistry for the sunset scene and it was completed within the first roll of the camera.

“Good job!” the director said as we approached him.

A few crew members ran forward with towels for us since it had drizzled a little during the last scene.

“Thank you,” we both said and bowed at him.

When we reached the hotel lobby, it was a bit past 8pm. We walked quickly into the elevator since we didn’t have any disguise on.

“You’d better shower immediately, or you’re going to catch a cold,” Jae Joong said as he touched my wet hair.

“Don’t worry about me, you’d better take care too,” I said as I smiled.

“I have to worry. If I don’t make sure you’re fine, Yun Ho’s gonna kill me,” he said.


We went to our rooms, which had been arranged to be right next door to each other, and I jumped straight into the shower. I had a long, long shower since the hotel had an inexhaustible supply of hot water, unlike back at our apartment. Usually, I’d shower first since I can’t take the cold and the guys would shower last since they’re used to it. Still, they’d complain.

“Nuna! Don’t take too long or there won’t be any hot water for me,” Skye would shout when he saw me entering the bathroom.

“I’m next,” Shoei would quickly say.

“No! I’m next,” Skye would argue and they’d have a match of rock, paper and scissors to decide who would have to endure the cold water.

As I walked out of the shower in my robe, my doorbell rang and whoever it was at the door was banging on it rather urgently. I opened the door a little, with the chain still hooked, to see who it was. It was Jae Joong.

“Why are you here?” I said.

“I called your room for like the last 20 minutes and no one picked up, so I came to see if you’re alright.”

“I’m fine,” I said.

“But you didn’t answer. I thought you’d fainted or something. Let me in,” he said.

“I’m okay and I’m not dressed yet.”

“Aren’t you in a robe?”

“In a robe is not considered dressed.”

“Fine, I’ll see you at the café downstairs in 10 minutes, okay?” he said.

“Alright,” I huffed and closed the door.

Sometimes Jae Joong can be a real nag. I guess that’s what makes him the mother in TVXQ.

I quickly put on a tank top, a pair of jeans and pulled on a jacket. As the elevator descended, I put on my big sunglasses to hide my face. Since my hair was still wet, I didn’t want to put on a cap.

Jae Joong was studying the menu intently when I plopped down in front of him.

“Omo…” he said and he jumped back a little in his seat.

“It’s me,” I said.

“You scared me. Can you announce yourself next time? I thought it was some crazy fan.”

“Do I look like a crazy fan?” I said as I glared at him through the top of my sunglasses.

“With your sunglass and that wet mop, you do,” he laughed and I reached over to smack him on the arm.

“It’s all your fault! I didn’t have time to dry my hair since you said 10 minutes.”

“I never expected you to come down in 10 minutes. Don’t 10 minutes mean 20 minutes to you girls?” he chuckled.

“Shuddup!” I said as I pushed my sunglass up like a headband and looked at the menu.

Jae Joong had done the same with his sunglass and he looked kinda cool like that. Ever since they’d decided to bleach his hair for the “O” -정.반.합. (Chung.Ban.Hap) album, he looked tougher and cooler.

We had a quick dinner. In between, there were people coming up to us for autographs and pictures. We were lucky to have chosen a more secluded hotel or we’d have been mobbed if we came out for dinner like this. We decided to have coffee and desert in Jae Joong’s room since we wouldn’t be given a chance to eat it if we were sitting at the café.

Jae Joong sneezed a few times while we were having our cappuccinos.

“You see, I told you that you needed to take care more than I did,” I said as I put down my cup.

“I’ll be fine.”

“Sure you will,” I said as I got up, “Did you bring any medicine in case of emergency?”

“No, I’ll be fine. Some sleep will be enough to cure me.”

“Rubbish,” I said as I walked toward the door.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To my room. I have some pills for the flu. I’ll be back.” I said and closed the door before he had the chance to protest.

Back in Malaysia, I’d always carried an assortment of pills with me for all the basic ailments; gastric, fever, flu, period pains. When I came here, the need to do this was even greater since I couldn’t really rely on anyone.

“I don’t need medicine,” Jae Joong protested when I held out the pills and a glass of water.

“Come on,” I said, “I can’t take them back now. I’ve got nothing to keep them in. They’re expensive you know. Don’t waste my money, be a good boy,” as I urged him further.

“Why don’t you take them? You might have a flu coming too,” he said.

“Choi!!!” I shouted at him, “Don’t curse me!”

“What’s ‘choi’?” he asked.

“It’s Chinese,”

“I knew that. But what does it mean?”

“It’s like saying touchwood.”


“Don’t change the subject. Take the pills. It’s the least I could do for you. You’ve taken care of me when I was sick.”

“That’s different,” he said.

“What is different? Sick is sick. It’s not like I was dying back then either.”

“If I hadn’t come that day, do you think you would’ve felt better?” he said quietly.

“What nonsense you’re talking? Take them before I force feed you,” I threatened.

He looked at me with pleading eyes and I glared at him. Finally he gave up and took the pills.

“Now go to bed, I’ll see you tomorrow morning. We have a sunrise scene to shoot, remember?”

“Oh yea…” he said, “Good night then.”

“Good night,” I said as I walked out of his room and closed the door.

I was in a deep sleep when the phone by my bed rang at 3:30am. God!!! Who calls at this hour?

“Good morning, miss. This is your morning call,” said an annoyingly perky voice.

“Umm… yes... okay, thanks,” I mumbled and hung up.

Arrgghh... gotta wake up. We only have one shot at filming the sunrise scene. If we missed it, we’d have to stay on and shoot it again tomorrow. I stumbled into the bathroom and started to get ready. I was ready in 20 minutes since I didn’t have to put on any makeup or do my hair. I pulled on a cap and put on my sweater as I left my room. I’d better check on Jae Joong to make sure he woke up. I rang his doorbell and banged his door for a good 2 to 3 minutes before he finally opened the door.

“Waegurae…” he asked in his raspy, just-woken-up voice as he squinted at me while scratching his head. He turned around after he’d swung his door wide open for me to walk in.

“We’re late!” I said as I followed him. He continued walking toward his bed like he hadn’t heard me and flung himself on it.

“You’re not dressed?” I exclaimed. He was still in his t-shirt and boxers. Why do they always dress like that for bed?

“Oh!” he said, suddenly becoming very awake and he quickly covered his lower body with a pillow.

“Yah!! Hurry up!” I shouted.

“Yes, just wait for me outside,” he said, obviously embarrassed and uneasy.

“Yah! Ppalli!” I shouted for good measure before I walked out of the room.

“Araso!” he grumbled in return.

What’s with him and Yun Ho; dressing like that for bed and always so sleepy in the morning that they forget that they weren’t dressed decently. But it’s weird that Jae Joong didn’t wake up on time today. He must’ve had a really late night. I must ask him what he was up to last night.

5 minutes later, he emerged from his room. Why do guys need such a short time to look gorgeous? He had on a sweater with the hood pulled over his cap.

“Let’s go,” he said and took me by the hand as we walked to the elevator.

It was colder than it was yesterday on the set since it was so early in the morning. We got into the same costumes we had worn yesterday and we were given a few minutes to sip some hot coffee while listening to the director’s instructions. The first scene today required Jae Joong and me to be lying next to each other on a blanket in the middle of nowhere while the sun was rising. ‘No problem!’ I thought when the director finished. We must’ve had the exact same thought cos when I looked at him, he grinned back almost immediately. Sleeping was our specialty and everyone who knew us knew that. Especially at this moment, with the cold wind and the dark sky, we never wanted sleep more than ever.

We lay down on the blanket as a sliver of the sun began peeking through the horizon and the director came over to adjust our positions and to instruct us how we should move.

Then he yelled, “Action!”

Jae Joong and I had to lie motionless, wrapped in each other’s arms for about 2 to 3 minutes, which was a welcome to me since I was so cold. I hate being cold and he felt so warm. Why do guys always feel warm?

The scene was completed without a glitch and the director yelled, “Cut!!”

Then it was the next scene:

I wake up slowly and shielded my eyes. At the recognition that the sun was rising, I sat up slowly to look. I turn to look at Jae Joong who was sleeping, wondering if I should wake him up to see this, then decided to let him sleep for awhile. As I looked at him sleeping, I brushed a stray hair from his face and bent down to kiss his cheek and he opened his eyes to look at me.

He got up and we sat there and watched the sun rise with his arm around my shoulders and both my arms around his waist.

When that scene was done, we took a break to have a snack before the next scene. This would be the final set and we’d be able to wrap up the MV after we’re done filming here. They’d set up a swing on a tree. The swing was set at a height where my head would cover the bottom half of Jae Joong’s face. I was to sit on a swing with him pushing me from behind.

“So what did you do last night?” I asked him as we waited for the crew to set up.

“Me? Nothing,” he said evasively.

“Come on, I know you must’ve went to bed real late, or you would’ve been up when I came to your room this morning,” I probed.

“Nah, I had a blocked nose at first so it took me sometime to fall asleep,” he said, and he still sounded like he was hiding something.

I didn’t believe his excuse but had nothing on him, so I just sighed, “Good thing you’re fine today. You could’ve still had the flu since you didn’t get enough sleep.”

“I’m a strong guy,” he said and he smiled at me.

As the camera started rolling and the music played, Jae Joong pushed me and I had to smile and throw my head back and laugh as I swung through the air. We did that until the director was satisfied with the shot he got. Then we had to do the final scene.

“Action!!!” the director yelled and the chorus from 인사 (Insa) filled the set.

Jae Joong pushed me on the swing until the chorus ended and it was just the music playing. Then he slowed it to a stop. I turn my head slowly to look up at him and he bends down slowly and started kissing me on the lips. The kiss was slow, passionate and sweet, just as the mood had called for. Now you see why they had to set the swing up so high. Visual effects, everybody!

The kiss had started with our mouths closed but Jae Joong slowly coaxed my mouth open with his tongue. He continued to kiss me as I slowly stood up and put my arms around his waist while he held my head, all the time with the swing between us.

“Cut!!!” I heard the director yell and I lowered my arms, preparing to pull away. I stopped midway and opened my eyes and stared at Jae Joong’s face… his eyes were closed and he still had his hands on my face… and he was still kissing me. It felt like he had no intention to stop.


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