Friday, 17 November 2006

Chapter 9: All My Love

I’m back and ready to go… CH 9, aja!!!


I’m standing in the arrival hall at Incheon International Airport. I’d tied my hair up in a ponytail and had a cap pulled over my face to remain inconspicuous. I scan the groups of people walking out slowly from the baggage retrieval area. Where are they? Suddenly I spotted them.

“Elaine!! Kat!!” I shouted and waved like a mad woman.

“Sierra!!!” they screamed in unison when they recognized me.

“Shhh!!” I said I ran over, “You want to get mobbed?”

“Oops, sorry,” said Elaine sheepishly.

People started to turn and look. As I’ve dreaded, they started to recognize me.

“Let’s go,” I said in a hurried tone as I helped them push their trolley towards the car waiting for me outside.

A crowd started following and shouting my name. Some had their mobile phones out, trying to get a picture. We quickly got into the car and the driver helped us load the luggage in the trunk. The crowd gathered around the car and continue to take pictures and calling for me.

“Waaahh… Sierra,” Kat exclaimed, “I’ve read that you were successful online, but I didn’t know that you’d get mobbed like this.”

“Well, now you know,” I said and smiled.

“So exciting!” Elaine squealed.

As our car pulled out of the airport, some of the fans even chased us for a bit.

“Sierra, look! They’re chasing after the car,” Elaine said.

“Yes, I wish they wouldn’t do that. It’s so dangerous.”

“You didn’t stop to sign autographs. Maybe that’s why they are chasing us. Poor things…”

“I’m here unsupervised today. The manager told me not to greet crowds unsupervised cos they might get too rowdy or out of control.”

“And also you might be attacked by U-Know’s fans,” said Kat, winking.

“Yea, that too,” I laughed.

Kat and Elaine are my closest friends. We went to university together back in Malaysia and we’ve not seen each other for 2 years since I left for Korea.

“So where are we living? Are we living with you?” Kat asked.

“Yes, I’ve moved to a bigger apartment, so we have more room, you’ll have to sleep on the floor though.”

“No problem, as long as it’s free,” Elaine giggled.

When we arrived at my new 4 room apartment, we were greeted by Skye and Shoei.

“Ya… nuna… these are your friends?” exclaimed Skye.

“This is Kat and this is Elaine,” I said as I pointed to both girls.

I could understand why Skye was excited. Kat doesn’t look like the typical Chinese. She has the biggest eyes you can imagine. People always remembered her for her eyes. Elaine has this cute innocent face, and the body part me and Kat always wanted. You see, she’s got boobs and me and Kat lacked boobs. Hehe! Sorry Elaine, I cannot not bring this up. The thing that makes me feel a little confident when I stand with them is that I’m taller. Hehe!

Shoei smiled and started helping them with their bags.

“This is Skye,” I told Kat an Elaine as I pointed to Skye, who was waving like he were embarrassed or something,

“Annyong, nuna!” he said, grinning.

“And that’s Shoei,” I said, pointing to Shoei.

Now that we’d moved, we each had our own rooms. The fourth room was our workroom where we composed and wrote our songs and played the occasional game of DOTA. I always win.

As the girls settled down and unpacked in my room, we started catching up.

“So, how have you guys been?”

“Don’t ask,” Elaine sighed, “My job is so bloody boring, and my brain is turning into a block of wood.”

“Then why don’t you get a new job?” I asked.

“I’m too lazy. It’s boring but I’ve gotten comfortable there. But I’ve been looking around a little for a new job. We’ll see how it goes.”

“And you, Kat?”

“I’m okay. I’m still with WD. I just got promoted, that’s why I decided to go on a holiday,” Kat replied.

“Yea… so easy for her to get leave. I had to bug my manager for days before he allowed me to take leave,” Elaine complained.

“Well, you’re here right?” I smiled.

“Yea! So exciting!” Elaine squealed again.

“I missed you guys,” I said, and we gathered for a group hug.

“Ya… nuna… what are you all doing?” Skye exclaimed as he popped his head in the door.

“Don’t be nosy,” I said, throwing a pillow at him.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t,” he said, laughing as he closed the door.

“Hey, your band mate is even more handsome in real life than in the photos,” said Elaine.

“Is it? You’ve been buying my albums ah?”

“No, I download them online. Not bad. The pictures I found online also,” Elaine laughed.

“Me too!” Kat piped in.

“Yah! How can you guys do this to me? You should buy my original album! How can you support piracy?” I shouted and smacked them with my pillow.

“Hey, who asked your album to be so expensive?” said Elaine.

“Yea. And you’re speaking more like a Korean now. No more Malaysian slang,” said Kat.

“I have to adapt, right?”

“Ne…” they chorused together.

“So what’s it like to date Yun Ho?” Kat asked, smiling slyly.

“He’s just like any other guy, save for the fact that he happens to be famous.”

“So typical for a star to say that,” Elaine said, “Hai… remember the days you used to swoon over his photos like he were a god or something. Now you say he’s just like any other guy.”

“What?? Tonight you’ll meet him and the guys, then you’ll know what I mean.”

“Really? Really? Can I ask for his autograph?” Kat asked.

“Me too! Me too!,” Elaine said, raising her hand as if she were in class.

“Yes… you can ask him yourself. But don’t scare them, okay?”

That night, we went for dinner with Yun Ho, Jae Joong, Jun Su, Skye and Shoei.

“Hi guys!” I said as we met up with them outside the restaurant.

“Hey!” Yun Ho said as he pulled me over and put his arms around me.

“This is Kat and Elaine,” I introduced, “and I know it’s a bit lame but… Kat, Elaine, this is Yun Ho, Jae Joong and Jun Su.”

Kat and Elaine smiled like star struck fans. I must’ve looked exactly like they did now back when I first met the guys.

Jun Su smiled and shook their hands, “Hi, nice to meet you.”

The guys’ English have improved in the past year. Thank god for that, or I’d have to be an interpreter the whole night.

During dinner, I sat beside Yun Ho. Elaine sat between Jae Joong and Jun Su and Kat between Skye and Shoei. Throughout dinner, I noticed Elaine blushing whenever Jae Joong or Jun Su poured her a drink. Kat was smiling and listening attentively to Skye’s stories. It was the happiest I’ve felt in a long time. Finally, all my friends by my side and it doesn’t hurt that the guy I love has his arms around me.

“So how long are you guys staying?” Yun Ho asked the girls.

“Just for a week,” Kat replied, “We need to get back to work.”

“Oh! What a bummer!” Skye said, “Can’t you guys stay longer?”

“Wish we could,” Elaine sighed.

After dinner, we took the girls sightseeing. It was more like a walk down the streets just to look at the shops and experience the atmosphere. I turned back and looked at them. Elaine had stopped being shy and was chatting animatedly with Jun Su. Kat was in a deep serious conversation with Shoei.

“You’re pretty quiet tonight,” Yun Ho said as he pulled me closer while we walked.

“Am I? I’m just happy,” I replied and leaned on him.

“I can see that,” he said and he rubbed his hand up and down my arm affectionately.

“Hey, lovebirds!” Jun Su suddenly shouted.

Yun Ho and I stopped walking and turned around.

“We’re gonna meet up with Chang Min and Yoo Chun. You guys go ahead. We’ll take the girls with us,” Jun Su continued.

“You guys wanna follow them?” I asked the girls.

“Sure! You guys go do your lovey-dovey things,” Elaine giggled.

“Yea, I wanna hang out with single people tonight. Both of you are making me feel lonely,” Kat said.

“Ya… nuna. That’s exactly how I feel when I’m around them,” Skye chips in.

“Okay, we get it!” Yun Ho laughed, “Go ahead! Leave.”

“See you guys at home,” I said as they turned and walked in the other direction.

Yun Ho and I turned to each other and smiled our secret smile. We continued to walk down the street to where his car is parked. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to spend time with my friends. I know that the guys will show them a good time and I wanted some time alone with Yun Ho. We decided to go back to my apartment since it’ll be quiet and we can be alone.

Back at my apartment, Yun Ho and I lay on my bed with his arm under my head.

“So what’s your schedule like this week?” he asked.

“Nothing out of the unusual,” I replied, “Training, recording, exercise… ooh! I’m recording with the Clazziquai Project on Tuesday.”

“Oh yea, I heard from Jae Joong that you and he are gonna collaborate with them.”

“Yea… I’ve only heard their music up till now. And to get to collaborate with them just fulfills another dream of mine.”

“Will there be a MV?” he asked.

“Maybe, I’m not sure. It’s for a soundtrack.”

“Oh…” he said.

I shifted my head and snuggled closer to him

“Ya… what have you been eating lately,” he suddenly said.

“Huh? What?” I replied, puzzled.

“I mean, didn’t they put you on a diet or something? Have you been following it?

“Diet? Not anymore. I control my own diet now. What’s wrong?”

“Your head feels heavier than usual,” he said and winked.

“Hey!!” I shouted and smacked him on the chest.

He winced and started clutching his chest in pain.

“Oww… that hurt,” he said, his expression not changing.

I got a little worried that I might have hit him a little too hard, “Huh? Did I hit you that hard? I’m sorry, let me see…” I said as I pulled his hands away.

Suddenly, he jumped up and pushed me down onto the bed. He didn’t see that my head was very near the headboard and I hit my head on it with a very loud thump.

“Aaah….” I said, as I rubbed my head and glared at him.

“Sorry… Sorry… mian…” he said as he replaced my hand with his and started to rub the spot on my head which hurt.

“You’re evil. Are you trying to render me unconscious or something? What do you have planned once I’m unconscious?” I said as I continued to glare at him.

“Me? No… nothing,” he said as he continued to rub my head.

“You’d better come clean before I hurt you,” I threatened.

At that moment, he started smiling as if a plan was hatching in his head. I knew that mischievous smile, he was gonna do something crazy. Before I could react, he pushed me down onto the bed, thankfully avoiding the headboard this time, and pinned my body down with his.

“Hehehe…” he laughed menacingly.

“Hey… what are you gonna do?” I shouted as I tried to wriggle free.

Then, he started tickling me. All the wriggling and tickling made me so breathless that I started to cough. That’s when he stopped and looked at me.

“You okay?” he asked, concerned.

I coughed once more, “I’m fine. Just a bit out of breath. You’re mad!”

“Yes, I am. Mad about you,” he said as he leaned down to kiss me.

It must have been the excitement from all the tickling. We kissed madly and passionately as our hips ground into each other’s. We’ve done this before but tonight it felt different, tonight, it felt like an explosion. Yun Ho flipped over onto his back and pulled me on top as we continued kissing. That’s when I started to pull his shirt out of his jeans. We stopped for a split second to pull it over his head and then continued kissing. After awhile, I pulled away to breathe. As I breathed raggedly, I ran my hands down his chest, down to his stomach, stopping at his belt. All the dancing and working out had ensured that he always had a toned body. Yun Ho caught my hand and pulled me back to continue our kiss. His hands were on my butt this time. He rubbed his palms up and down, one on my back and one on my butt.

“Sierra,” he breathed as he pulled away and looked at my face.

“Yes,” I answered breathlessly.

“You’re so hot,” he said and he pulled me back down and rolled over to straddle me at the hips.

Just as he was about to pull my shirt up, we heard the main door open. They were back. We quickly jumped up and started to straighten out the place. But we had a problem… Yun Ho can’t find his shirt.

“Where is it?” he said panting.

“I don’t know. It was here awhile ago,” I said.

We found the shirt tucked between the headboard and mattress and just as he was about to put it on, the girls opened the door.

“Ooops!” Elaine exclaimed when she saw Yun Ho shirtless and she covered her eyes.

“We’re not interrupting anything, are we?” Kat snickered.

“No…” I said, still panting like I’d just participated in a marathon.

“Ya…” said Skye as he popped his head in, “See what I mean? You can’t leave them alone for a second.

“I see what you meant,” giggled Elaine.

“Yah! Now you’re conspiring with the guys behind my back?” I said.

“No, no, no…” said Elaine as she continued laughing.

“Let’s leave them two for awhile,” said Kat and she pulled Elaine away.

“Nuna, I’ll show you my workroom. I’ve got some new songs,” Skye said excitedly.

I turned to look at Yun Ho, his face was red; from embarrassment or from our passion?

“I’d better go,” Yun Ho said as he smiled.


At the door, he pulled me close and buried his head at my neck. He inhaled deeply. I smiled and did the same. I can never get enough of him. He kissed me softly before pulling away and walking into the elevator.

“Pogoshipda,” he said, holding my face with both hands after kissing me.

Even though it’s been more than a year, I still melt when he tells me that.

As I sat in my room, smiling at the memory of what just happened, the girls came in and started talking excitedly.

“So what actually happened?” Elaine said.

“Yea… dish out the dirty details, now!!” Kat said.

“Have you guys had sex?” Elaine said out of the blue.

Kat and I looked at her and we all burst into hysterical laughter.

As we lay in the dark in my room, gossiping and telling stories, that night, I can’t wait to spend the rest of the week with the girls.


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lolxx... sierra.. dont worry..
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I just have to laugh when Elaine and Kat disturb Yunho and Sierra at their *piep*.