Friday, 17 November 2006

Chapter 2: The Story Has Just Begun

6 months have passed. We’ve started going into the recording studio to record our single. I’m happy to say that my singing and dancing skills have improved greatly. I’ve even gotten rid of my spare tire. I’m now a proud owner of a hot body. Haha! But this didn’t come without pain.

I remember the first day I attended the dance training. Our instructor’s name is Lex. He’s about 26 and had been dancing all his life.

“You can call me oppa. We keep an informal class, but we are absolutely serious with the training. It says here that you have been trained in ballet for 8 years.”

“Oppa, I ended my ballet training more than 10 years ago.”

“Well, you’re going to have to revisit your childhood then. Just because you’re older does not mean I will go easy on you. You will need to work extra hard to achieve the flexibility and skills that Skye and Shoei already have. So let’s start.”

It was the most painful 6 months of my life. I was sore and aching for the first few months. Sometimes, I’d cry in my room out of fatigue. But I’ve signed the contract and this is my dream. I have to carry on no matter what. Thanks to Skye and Shoei, I didn’t get really lonely. Somedays, we would lie on the bed in their room and talk about our homes. Skye was from Kwangju and that’s like almost the other end of Korea. Shoei was from Kyoto. Skye was always around to provide happiness and Shoei would be the one to console me when I cried. I remember during the 4th month, I had sprained my ankle during training.

“Mani ap'a? Does it still hurt?” Shoei asked whilst massaging my ankle.

I had just come out from the shower and Shoei had caught me limping. He helped me into my room and helped me rub on the oil which I’d brought from my home. It’s supposed to help with cuts, burns, sprains and aches. Shoei rubbed on the oil and bandaged it for me. Thank god he did cos the next day, I didn’t feel the pain much. Training continued as if I had never been injured.

“The more you work, it will go away,” said Lex oppa.

Somewhere along the road, this became true. Pains became normal and with the next session of training, they seem to dull and fade away. It was hard but I enjoyed dancing and singing. I’d dread waking up every morning, but as soon as I got into the studio, I’d feel a rush of adrenaline. My schedule had been changed to yoga, cardio, singing, dance and Korean classes only twice a week. We’d spend most afternoons recording in the studio and in between our turns, my voice coach would be there to advice and correct me. Lex oppa would train with us every day to perfect our routine for our debut. During the 9th month, we would have a mini performance as opening acts for TVXQ and Super Junior. We were so excited. Finally, a chance to meet them!! Skye had seen them walk past at SM’s HQ once. Shoei had bumped into Jun Su at the loo at the recording studios once, but being Shoei, he was too tongue tied to even ask for an autograph. As for me, I’ve only seen them on TV. My schedule was tighter than both of the boys since I need to work harder.

[On the 9th month]

It’s the end of April and the weather is slowly starting to get warmer since summer will be here soon. I can finally put on all those sleeveless tank tops, spaghetti straps and halters I brought from home. Skye called this my coming out period. He has never seen so much flesh exposed on me from the day he met me. That was cos when I first came, it was almost autumn and I always had on a jacket. Every morning, there would be a round of teasing on the choice of clothes I was wearing.

“Ya… Nuna… do you have a date today? Was it the delivery guy from yesterday? I didn’t think he was your type.”

“Shikkeureoweo! Stop teasing nuna. You’re wearing sleeveless also. So do you have a date with the ajumma who brings Shi Kyung hyung’s coffee?”

In case everyone’s forgotten, Ahn Shi Kyung is our manager.

“Ya… Shoei. You’re a guy also. Can you please join me for once? You act like nuna is your girlfriend.”

“Let’s go nuna,” said Shoei, dragging me away from Skye. I didn’t notice it back then, but Skye told me much later that Shoei’s face turned red.

The concert was outdoor in a park in the middle of the city. We were all dressed in black and white. Skye in a sleeveless suit and Shoei in a suit with a deep v-neck and no shirt inside. I was dressed in a vest with a very crinkled and layered skirt. Our costumes are streaked with silver lines. Before we started recording our single, we’d decided on our band name. It was no coincidence that all our names started with an ‘S’. Since the management had this decided, we concluded ourselves that we’ll call ourselves SierraSkyeShoei or for short S3. So it’s sort of like S-Cube. Our first single will be a song sung by all three. It sounds like a love triangle; 3 persons singing one love song. The guys will play guitars and I play keyboards, but for this debut performance, we’ll all be dancing and not playing instruments. We were so nervous, holding hands backstage and huddled in a corner. TVXQ and Super Junior had their own changing rooms. We came dressed and only had makeup to do backstage. I was so nervous and had to go to the toilet so many times. During one of the trips, guess who I bumped into? Han Kyung from Super Junior!

“Hey! I know you!” said Han Kyung.

“Umm, you know me?” I stammered.

“Yea, I’ve seen you at the studios, but you always look so busy, running here and there. I heard you’re from Malaysia, right?”

“Yes. I didn’t see you around at the studios before.”

“Probably not, since I’m not handsome enough to catch your eye. Your band mates are already so good looking, you don’t need to look at others.”

“Don’t say that, you’re very good looking and so tall.”

“Haha! Thank you. Now I don’t feel so bad. Don’t you speak Mandarin?

“I do, not extremely well, but I do.”

“Great!! Now I have another friend to keep me in touch with my roots. Let’s go for a drink someday. What’s your number?” he took out his mobile phone and waited for me to give him my number.

After exchanging numbers, he patted me on the back, wished me good luck and went off. I was hyperventilating when I made it into the toilet. Wow!! Han Kyung noticed me. I never knew anyone would. I looked into the mirror, my hair bunched up into 2 messy ponytails. The management decided that I’d better have long hair or I might as well be another guy in the band. After peeing for like the hundredth time, I went back to Skye and Shoei.

“Where did you go? Did you do a number two? TVXQ came over to talk to us just now,” said Skye while jumping up and down excitedly.

“They did? Oooh!! I am so unlucky. I really wanted to meet them.”

“You will. We’re going to the after-party, Shi Kyung hyung said we could.”

“Chongmal? Yay!!!”

“And TVXQ even asked where our girl band mate was. Jun Su hyung said, ‘Where is that cute girl with the ponytails?’”

“He did? Omigod!! I’m gonna faint.”

Suddenly the Program Director (PD) turned up and told us we’re up.

Standing in the wings of the stage, me and Skye on the left and Shoei on the right, we peeped at the crowd, are they going to like us? I hope I don’t fall.

The MC announced, “Everyone, please welcome the upcoming singing sensations, Sierra, Skye, Shoei… S-Cube!!!”

The music started and I walked slowly onto the stage, singing my first line from our first single ‘I’m sorry, I love you'.

Sierra: I think I like you, no I think I love you.
Everyday I would be thinking about you
Kajimayo, saranghaeyo

Shoei: I never ever thought I’d care about you
As I walked away my heart ached for you
Mianhaeyo, saranghaeyo

Skye: But it seems a love like ours was not meant to be
The troubles we face, the trials we meet
Can we ever overcome it and be together

S-Cube: Saranghaeyo, saranghaeyo
Why do I feel that you’re so cold
I’m sorry for the heartache I caused you
Please give me another chance

Mianhaeyo, mianhaeyo
What would it take to redeem your love
I would take back all the words I said
I would hold you in my arms and say…

Sierra: What can I do with this pain in me
You left me with memories
Your thoughts consume me
Saranghaeyo, saranghaeyo

Skye: I wish I could take your pain and make it my own
I’d take all the sorrow and feel it for you
Shoei: I would turn back the time and I’d say this to you…

S-Cube: Saranghaeyo, saranghaeyo
Why do I feel that you’re so cold
I’m sorry for the heartache I caused you
Please give me another chance

Mianhaeyo, mianhaeyo
What would it take to redeem your love
I would take back all the words I said
I would hold you in my arms and say…

During the whole song, we had to do this sort of classical routine, me leaning on Skye, Shoei pulling me away and dipping me, lots of ballroom and acrobatic stuff. The song ended with me embracing Shoei with one arm and Skye holding on to my outstretched hand. The crowd cheered, it was deafening, I wanted to turn around and bow and smile and wave, but almost immediately, the music changed to a hip hop beat. Shoei swung me away while he and Skye got to starting positions, I ripped off my skirt to reveal a pair of cool shorts modeled after the guys' pants, and we started our fierce dance to our other song, ‘Desperate’.

Skye: Who do you think you are to me
You make me a fool
You make me a clown
Then you run away from me

Sierra: Whoever said you meant anything
Everything was your wishful thinking
You were just a friend
I never meant more
So why do you keep bugging me

Skye: You think I’m so desperate
You act like I need you
Sierra: You seem like you’re desperate
Don’t blame me, you do
Skye: You think I’m so desperate
Well, I’m gonna show you
S-Cube: I don’t need you, baby
You don’t mean anything to me

Shoei: Why do you keep on teasing me
Why must you treat me like this
You made me think you cared for me
Then you leave me in this state

Sierra: Whoever said I didn’t care
I cared for you like a friend
If you chose to misunderstand
Then that is not my problem
So will you stop bugging me

Shoei: You think I’m so desperate
You act like I need you
Sierra: You seem like you’re desperate
Don’t blame me, you do
Shoei: You think I’m so desperate
Well, I’m gonna show you
S-Cube: I don’t need you, baby
You don’t mean anything to me

The ending was a big bang with confetti. The crowd went even wilder than for the last song. We bowed and bowed and had bouquets and stuffed toys hurled at us. Skye got a bouquet which was meant for Yoo Chun of TVXQ. We ran backstage and were greeted by Super Junior, who were next.

“Great job!” said Si Won as he hugged us all.

“Yea, super! You’re gonna be a tough act to follow,” said Hee Chul with his thumbs up.

We never felt more confident that we would succeed than on that day.

[After the concert]
We got to go home and change for the after party which was held at this hip hop club at Dae Hang Ro. I put on a dress that I never got to wear for the past 9 months, crinkled black dress with a deep V and a colourful spaghetti strap top inside. I left my hair as it was and topped the outfit off with my new black boots and my favourite dangling earrings. The guys were in sleeveless shirts which cool motives. Shoei had on a vest.

Upon arriving, we saw a sea of fans had started to camp outside the club. When we got off, we nearly went deaf with all the screaming. But most of them were screaming for the guys. We were rushed in by the bouncers before anyone could mob us.

“Phew, that was some crowd. I never thought I’d be so famous,” said Skye.

“Yes, you are everyone’s Prince Charming, happy?” I teased.

“What about me nuna?” said Shoei.

“You too… both of you are going to take over the world. Hwaiting!!!” I said, as I pumped my fists.

“Hwaiting!!!” both of them shouted in return.

“So what’s this about taking over the world?”

I turned around and there was U-Know. He was so tall, I felt like a midget.

“Hyung! We’re going to overtake TVXQ someday!!” said Skye, winking.

“We’ll see about that,” said U-Know, “Let’s go have a drink.”

U-Know put his arms around me and led me away. I’m melting…

“So, you’re the famous Sierra. Much prettier than the other guys had described you.”

“I... I am?”

“Of course you are, or your band wouldn’t have been invited. All the guys only wanted you to come,” he said and smiled his beautiful smile.

“Um… really? Erm… thanks?”

“Haha! Come, lets go meet the guys.”

When we went over to the group, Skye and Shoei were already comfortably chatting with the members of Super Junior and TVXQ.

“Guys, this is the beautiful Sierra. I’m sure you all know her already,” introduced U-Know.

I think I was blushing a lot. Cos at that moment, Jae Joong spoke.

“Come on, Yun Ho, stop teasing the poor girl,” and he pulled me down to sit next to him.

That night was a dream come true. Meeting TVXQ was the highlight of my life. I spent the night mostly talking with Jae Joong, whom I found to be as honest as his media image has made him. There were lots of other entertainers there and we were introduced, the girls from TSZX, The Trax, Boa popped in for awhile and left since she was so busy, but we sat with Super Junior and TVXQ since we didn’t know the others well.

“Sierra, I heard you’re older than all of us,” said Yoo Chun.

“Yes, why?”

“But in this industry, we’re your seniors, so we won’t call you nuna, but you can call us oppa,” Yoo Chun replied.

“Yea! Good idea,” Chang Min chipped in.

“I like it. I don’t want to feel old as well, so from now on, you are all oppa to me.”

“Since I’m your oppa, you have to listen to me. Let’s go dance,” said U-Know as he dragged me onto my feet and to the dance floor.

In that moment, I thought that since I am already here and living my dream, I might as well live it to the fullest. U-Know started dancing and as usual, he was great. I reciprocated with all the energy and skills I’d learned. The other guys joined in and were cheering us on. I felt confident and sexy as I moved beside U-Know. That was until I tripped, damn boots!! As I fell, U-Know was quick to catch me and turn it into a dip, like as if it were part of the routine. For that moment, we looked at each other and I am sure he felt the electricity. In fact, everyone felt it cos they suddenly stopped cheering. Shoei was the first to react.

“Nuna, are you alright?” he said, rushing forward and grabbing me.

“I’m… I’m fine. U-Know caught me.”

“Yes I did,” U-Know winked.

“Let’s go home. We have training tomorrow,” said Shoei.

“No!! I want to stay!! We never get to go out. I want to stay!!!” said Skye.

“Let’s stay for awhile more, okay?” I said to Shoei.

“Okay,” he mumbled and walked away.

Somehow the mood changed after that. I spent the rest of the night moving casually on the dance floor. Skye and the guys from Super Junior and TVXQ were having a dance battle. Shoei was sitting silently at the sofa, nursing a drink. That night, when we went home, we were so wasted, we slept right away. Shoei was right to ask to go home. The next morning, I was so tired that I almost regretted we stayed out so late. But if we didn’t I would never had lived my dream.


Anonymous said...

bernz from asteria.

wow you even made songs up and everything!! this is getting really good. I am really enjoying it =D

I like how I have to imagine what skye and shoei look like but for suju and dbsk their faces just pop into my head.

it's a cool mix for sure. keep up the good work =D *thumbs up*

rika90 said...

I like your story^^
very creative!.. I like how u wrote the lyrics.. the characters are well described!
will continue reading~~
-rika90 from soompi

Sierra said...

Hi rika!

Thanks for reading! Hope that you can help me spread my fic on soompi. Please link me somewhere ;) I have too many chapters to go posting all of them in soompi :( Wish I could though :(

I love you Bernzz!!!

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i love ya story..
omg... you wrote da lyricx?! omg..
i love them.. especially da i am sorry, i love you... i am touched..
'...But it seems a love like ours was not meant to be
The troubles we face, the trials we meet
Can we ever overcome it and be together..'
omg.. you met dbsk and suju.. aishh... i envy you...
anyway, keep up da goob job...