Friday, 17 November 2006


From left to right: Jun Su, Yoo Chun, Jae Joong, Chang Min, Yun Ho.

It's been more than 5 months since I participated in the 2006 SM Entertainment auditions in Kuala Lumpur. Suffice to say, I didn't get in. I went to the auditions the day after the 동방신기 (TVXQ) concert, spurred by my desire to be great just like them... the result was me being utterly disappointed. So much that I didn't even want to listen to Korean music anymore. Was I too old for them? I'm 23 and the fact that SM prefers to recruit teenagers to train for years does work against me. Or maybe I wasn't good enough for them. Whatever it is, it was a blow straight to my heart and I thought I'd never recover. But thanks to my love for music, though I thought I would hate it forever, through it, 동방신기 and Fly to the Sky (FTTS) gave me the encouragement and inspiration. Maybe someday, I would be heard, if not, then it was all just a dream.

Fly to the Sky
Hwan Hee & Brian

Surfing around yesterday, I found this fan fic site. I thought, if I can't live it, I can sure dream and write about it. So this would be a story of if I had made the auditions. I will definitely do my research and try my best to write as accurately as possible about the life that I would lead as an entertainer in Korea.

I've decided to move my story to Blogger to make it a little more accessible. So with much ado, this is my extreme fantasy in words. The lead character Sierra is modeled after me, what I'd hoped to be. Hope you enjoy it.

Main Characters:
SierraSkyeShoei aka S-Cube(S3) (애스귭)
동방신기 (TVXQ)
Fly to the Sky (FTTS)
Super Junior
(and anyone I can think of to fit in the plot)


Please inform me and provide due credit or mention should you require the use of the following materials from my fiction:

Songs - I wrote every single song by S-Cube, unless noted otherwise. For those songs which I did not write myself, I would have given due credit to the original artistes.

CF & MV - The concepts of the CFs (Commercial Film) and MVs (Music Video) in this fiction are also of my own. Should they be based on existing ideas, I will provide due credit to the originators.

Products / Objects - Any references to fictional products and objects in this fiction and pictures of them (if available) i.e. the Cassiopeia necklace, which I have created as part of the plot of the fiction.

S-Cube - The concept of the band S-Cube and characters Sierra, Skye and Shoei are my own and will therefore be considered copyright. Any reference to S-Cube or Sierra, Skye and Shoei relating to the context of this fiction should be credited accordingly.

Thank you.

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