Friday, 24 November 2006

A Special Post for 재중...

I'm interrupting this story to post a special message for my leading man, Kim Jae Joong (김재중).

For the past few days, I've been following the news on his paternity lawsuit online and I'm deeply saddened, almost devastated, when I heard that Jae Joong had been crying. Jae Joong has always had the image of a hero; strong and unshakeable. He always had a smile on his face, and if he didn’t, he’d never show his deepest emotions either.

I know that he probably wants to put this incident behind him as soon as possible, but nothing is going to prevent the media from continuing to speculate on it. Furthermore, as fans, it’s not because we wish to continue to be nosy and keep discussing it. I hope he understands that the fans discuss it because they are concerned about him and want to share his sorrows.

Reading that he had been unable to control his emotions, since the incident, shows that he has truly been shaken by it. I can almost feel his pain in trying to be a man in the eyes of the public when he is still very much a boy at heart. He’s only 20. He still needs the love and support of those around him to survive each day. We all know that he always puts on a brave front for all of us to see because he needs to maintain an image in the eyes of his fans and the public. I really want to be able to hug him and tell him there is no need for that. So here is a short message I have for him:

I hope you read this, 재중. I can't really write in Korean yet and I hope to be able to someday so that I can give you strength with the right words.

You will always be our 영웅, 김재중. Cry if you want to, laugh if you want to. Tears will not make you weak. They are a release of your innermost feelings which will help you become stronger. Whenever we hear your laughter, it brings warmth and joy to our hearts. Each day we look at you, we love you more and more. It was not the image of a hero that made us fall in love with you. It was the image of a man, flesh and blood, through emotions and expressions, who has captured our hearts.


Sources for articles/information on Jae Joong's paternity suit:


LunarGaze said...

Wow, TVXQ really go through more and more troubles. I really hope Jaejoong pulls out of this ok.

KRii said...

ahh jaejoong T__T
don't cry~
*sniff sniff*
힘내~~ 파 이 팅!

Missy said...

There must be a thousand thoughts that are going through his mind. I'm so glad that he's getting on with his life. Problems and obstacles are what makes us stronger. DBSK as a whole has proven that. I know that JAE's sadden by the news but he's acknowledged it. Jae Fighting. Your fans are here for you. We love you for who you are. Keep smiling and laugh hard and loud for us because ur laughter brighten thousands of girls day! ^^

Anonymous said...

wait. i just started reading the series... what was the incident?